Tuesday, January 6, 2009

re: CHANGE IS GOOD (part 2) today is our 2 year anniversary

So today JAnuary 7th is our two year anniversary. i'm happy. i didnt think i could be in a relationship this long. we have been engaged for almost a year now too. i wont say that it has ALL been happy times this past year, but for the MOST part its all good. lol. the best part of our relationship is deffinately poots. things have gotten a lil stale in our relationship and i plan on incorporteing these things into it this year along with a new confident me:
In order to keep the spark in a relationship, try different things from time to time. Here are some ideas that can keep it exciting :)

1. Lap of Luxury: Rent a room for 1 night at a luxury hotel in your area. Order champagne, eat strawberries, and take a nice warm bubble bath together. You can even get a couples massage!

2. Raising the Bar: Pick a nice after work bar and met each other there. Order drinks, finger food and get your two step on!...and laugh it up.

3. Pack it Up: Get a bottle of wine, pack a few snacks and blanket and go to a nice park and have a romantic picnic. Lay around on each other, feed each other & enjoy the quality time.

4. Get Outta Here: Pack a wkend bag filled with sexy lingerie (silk boxers for him) and get the heck out of town. It doesn't have to be far. There are great deals out there, whether it's a spa, a retreat or an entertainment destination like Disney, or gambling.

5. Surprise, Surprise: Invite your mate over for a nice dinner. You can ask them to come over and when they arrive, have the table set, some candles lit and mellow music playing in the back ground. And don't hold back. Have some appetizers, the main course and dessert (whether it's you or something they can eat off of you ;)

all credits to :http://www.pinkcufflynx.com/2009/01/change-is-good.html

i plan on KEEPING my hair, nails and makeup done. i plan on being spontanious. even a few pole dancing classes. i'll let you know how it goes

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