Thursday, July 18, 2013

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BOOK: Fully Alive: Lighten Up And Live by Ken Davis

Wht does it mean to live life like you've never lived it before? what doe sit mean to grab life by the horns and REALLY go for it? WHat does that MEAN? Prior to reading his book, i thought i knew. I really enjoyed Ken's stand up by the same name so i was delighted to find out there was a book based off of it. It's really good. In this christian book the author lays out what it really means to LIVE life. Not just exist. To have fun, and breathe heavy, fall, hurt , laugh til you cry, and just....FEEL. To feel your heart racing, to feel the wind and sun against your face and most important to feel the Love of our God. HOW AWESOME and touching this book is! Daringus all to GET UP and DO something. Everything about taking chances and stepping out on faith. I connected with the book on a different level then i ever have with any other book because he talks a lot out training for his triathlon, and running marathon races etc. and with my own ha;f marathon coming up, it gave me a much need kick in the pants. Awesome book. Definitely a recommended read.

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