Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 is MINE!!

So this weekend I did absolutely nothing. I stayed in the house bored as all get back. •°•°Φ°LΘł°Φ•°•. But it was fun watching poots play around and take lil steps. My nipples are so sore. She nursed and fussed more then usual this weekend. Its all ¤°•göö₫•°¤ though. She's allowed to. I just sat down and let her do what she do. •°•°Φ°LΘł°Φ•°• I think her teeth were bothersome to her. But I enjoyed nursing her more. I decided that I will nurse her for another year. Her 1 year birthday is comming up. Ahhhh! I can't believe it. But I am anticipating hearing peopl's ignorant ass comments about my choice to bf another year. Mmm I wish someone would come to me with some shit. Already I'm getting mad as I type. They better leave me alone. I can't wait to get the ball on the roll this year far as school is concerned. Far as everything is concerned. I need to find another weekend job again. So that I can start paying off some of these medical bills n shit. All in all 2009 is mine! Shit will be accomplished! I will be accomplished!

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