Monday, January 28, 2013

A Spiritual Direction.....FINALLY!!

So if u have followed me for these past few years that i have been keeping this blog u all know that as much as i write about my personal life with my daughter (and now i can say children) I write about my spiritual life/ journey. And these past few years have been a real challenge to find something that sits well with me and is enjoyable and comfortable. Christianity has lost it's charisma , given all the talk of burning forever in hell, and/ or isolation and foolishness. There are just things in it that dont make sense to me. And thats where it lost it's power for me. I cant follow something or hold something near and dear to me that i dont understand and question too much of. But this Law of Attraction and Chakra balancing stuff is GREAT!! i LOVE it...not only does it MAKE SENSE but it FEELS awesome. i collect crystals now and do lots of work with that. its been a great past few months. Christianity will always have a place in my life and heart but i am no longer bound by its fear of death or hell. But I'll always have room for it in my life, it's my foundation.


i had my fat boy 2 months ago!! i was unable to make posts because the app for blogger never allows me to make posts! His name is Devin Michael. I love, love, love him!!! He makes me sooo happy. he was born on novenmber 28, 2012. weighing 8lbs 2oz via c-section. Poots ADORES him. lol. i cant believe my life includes two beautiful children now. The c-section didnt hurt nearly as bad this time. Nor did breastfeeding. I had a feeling breastfeeding wouldnt hurt as bad this time. I figured Poots has tore me up as well as anyone could and anyone nursing after her would be a piece of cake. lol. Tonight is my first night back to work after my two month maternity leave. And this time i feel good. AGAIN,Much better then the first time around. My mind is a lot more at ease with Devin caring for him, because I have seen the type of father he is. He was great with Poots when she was an infant. And i'm sure he'll be great with Chunk. Thats what I will be calling the baby on this blog since him and his father have the same first name. But this little boy is soooo powerful already! SO spiritual and amazing. my life spiritual life has greatly improved since his birth. But remember i was saying when i was pregnant with him that i felt really spiritual and a strong urge to pray. i love him. He's a Sagittarius and they tend to be spiritual leaders. I'll be keeping my prayer life open and active.