Thursday, June 13, 2013


What I want to challenge myself to be able to do eventually. I want to get here: . Kick boxing and regular boxing - Pull/push ups - Pole dancing classes - Theres a wall at The Y I am hell bent on trying - Upside down push ups. - Advanced Yoga poses. - Strength-> endurance-> flexibility - A flat belly. - Going a month without any junk food. whay the hell is this so hard to do? I need to keep the right types of foods in my house. Ready and available for when i am hungry. Devin orders out alot. I need to do better with eatting breakfast,keep something on my belly at all times, and staying hydrated so that I dont feel hungry. - Do more math and brain exercises - Spend my time wisely and buckle down with myself with facebook and stuff. i may even close a few accounts. It's just too much. Too time consuming. Staying off the phone. - Go back to school. along with a few other things. lol

Just writting

I love having fun lately in my workouts. I love that there is no limit ot what i can do all i need is will power. I dont need money, or at least not much of it. I dont need a car, I can just go. I love hobbies that dont require much outside of will power. Cause lord knows i dont HAVE much outside of will power. I love that i can include my kids in this. I havnt really buckled down on myself about reading and writting. I've been watching Netflix which is cool. Documentaries are educational and informative too. Thats the important thing. I just feel like all i want to do is focuse on the spiritual, Mental, and physical betterment of me and my kids. Rather that be through going to school, watching documentaries, making money, or reading or whatever. I get side tracked a lot when i think that i am supposed to give more time and attention to people or things outside of that. And i end up teetering on the edge of depression and unhappiness and i aint got time for that. So here's what i do: All the kids really want is your time. THats it! You dont have to spend no whole lotta money and crap. They just want you to be there. So Poots and i do a lot of: -Readig together - Going to the the pool in the Y. I'm trying to teach her how to swim.....thats going how it goes. But i love that she is not afraid of the water. That is GIANT hurdle that we didnt have to jump. She readily WANTS to go to the pool and to the The Y. - Go outside and do sidewalk chalk. - Blow bubbles - Plant flowers...even though they are dieing. loool. Thats annoying - Cook together. Make smoothies and tuna fish together - Just talk...LORD the child CAN TALK. About EVERYTHING. loool - Run with her sometimes. But...running is MY thing. MY alone time so thats rare. i must admitt that i am tired and i can get annoyed with certain things. My patience is especially short when i havnt eatten too well. It just effects me so negatively. WHat I do personally - Run and exercise. Workout - Paint - Crochet - read - Do hair when i can -watch documentaries and take notes - watch spiritual videos. to keep my spirit in check - yoga and stretching - swimming - clean A LOT. i cant stand a dirty house. It seems to be a never ending battle with that. Soon as one thing is cleaned it's off to do another and as soon as I finnish another, one thing is dirty again. FUCK! lol I'm just working on trying to be a better, happier person. Eliminating the bullshit and focusing on the good. Because we know that when we do that the good get bigger and the bad gets smaller. Even things that worry me, i give them to god and move on. Some things are a bit easier then others to do that with, but still.

Marathon Training: I MET MY GOOOOOAL!!!

I wanted to run a mile in 10 minutes and i did it!!! I am soo happy and proud of myself. These past few weks of marathon training I have learned a few things: 1. I hurt myself doing this. Had shin splints pretty badly. Because: -I was running with improper shoes. So i bought a brand new pair - laid off of running for a while and during this time, kept up with my endurance on the elliptical and swimming. Poots and I joined The Y for the indoor pool and the yoga lessons. It's located right around the corner from my job. I LOVE IT! -I also learned during this time that I am a overpronator. - So i'm thinking i need yet another pair of shoes. A DIFFERENT pair for running. With Firm soles for running days. -Saw a commercial for Dr. Shcolls inserts for runners and athletes. Nearly flipped out of the bed with excitment. Cant wait to try them 2. My knees hurt. I read that this is because the muscles that surround the knee joint is not strong enough to withstand the pressure of running. - So now i have incorporated a total body strength training ruotine. - Right now i am just trying to strengthen the muscle with my own body weigh type resistance before i start to add weights to build muscle. 3. Added Strength training for Muscle building. I dont really like this part. But i have to keep reminding myself that if i want to do continue to do what i love which is run, then i have to do what i love less...which is strength training. - I do light weights at the gym and seated arm dips when i'm working -My goal is to be able to do push/ pull ups. And pretty much not have muscles with the consistancy of mashed potatoes. lol - For my quads,gluts, and knees. i do squats, side leg raises, hip tilts (which are actually really fun and really tiring), The sit and hold my raised knee for 30 secs while at work. And i climb the stairs a lot while i'm home, naturally. lol. 4. I like stretching properly for flexibility and so that i dont break in half. lol. - the seated knee bend feels great - the butterfly stretch - and a few great yoga poses. YYAAAAAYYY!! I kick ass. loool

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DOCUMENTARY: DMT The Spirit Molecule

Negative! This is some scary shit. I wont judge anyone who tries mind altering drugs....but i would never want to be in a state like this. Interesting documentary however.

DOCUMENTARY: The Dhamma Brothers

Compelling and awesome. I love the love and thought behind deciding to bring some sort of peace and happiness to people considered being the "worst of society". I so admire people who are able to love and care for those who everyone else has thrown away. Its beautiful and it's God's love.