Thursday, October 31, 2013

A little color to my Yarn Braids

My 1/2 Marathon: Oct 12, 2013

So sorry it took so long to post my results and experience. It was quite fun.....for the first 6 1/2 miles. Then all hell broke loose around mile 9 and my thighs were burning rediculously. Lol ....miles 9-11 were hell. Miles 11-13 happened because of mental fumes, and pur will alone. Lol . That's all I had left to give.

My yarn twist are done!!!!

FINALLY!!! It took about a good 16 hours or so. But I really like them. It was spoil worth the time. I used about 4 strands of yarn for each twist. They aren't light, like I thought they would be but they aren't as heavy as synthetic hair neither. They also aren't NEARLY as itchy. I believe I am allergic to the synthetic braiding hair. I just rip my scalp to shreads scratching when I have it in. So I did t want to go that route again. I am using a light oil to moisturize while they are in. I gotta tell you moisture is a concern of mine. I'm thinking that the cloth like fibers of the yarn is either going to act like a sponge and soak up any oil / moisture I apply to my hair and subsequently dry it out. Or it will act a sponge and actually keep the moisture on my hair strands better. Well we shall see. At any rate. I plan on keep I g these in for  at least a month, if not longer, maybe 6-8 weeks of I can. I'll be posting how washing this stuff goes. Peace

Mook 10/31/13