Friday, January 23, 2009

I found these bigger pics of poots

and it bought a tear to my eye. i cant believe she is almost 1. and just a lil over 10mos ago this was her:

She had gotten sooo big. i dont want her to grow up.

i want her to stay my sweet sweet lil baby forever. i want us to always be as close as we are now. she is my shinning light. my guiding light. i remember being pregnant and how i was afraid to love her with all my heart. i'm talking about being head over heels in love and volnurable. but i put those feeling aside and said that this is my baby and i will love her as hard as i want to. she is the only person i see me giving myself to 250% someone recently told me not to do that. she said that just like god can give a gift of a child he can take it away. i dont believe that. i dont beieve god the GIVER of life would turn around and TAKE life. and i CERTAINLY dont believe he would do it JUST BECAUSE or teach a lesson. a lesson of "not to love to hard'?? that makes no sense. god is the personification and embodyment of love. he wouldnt hurt his people like that. But Satatn would. If anybody would take life out of cruelty it is satan. But still i cant help how i feel about her. How i think about her, and love her. She makes me a better person. She motivates me. and i thank her for that.

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