Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Just Writing

I hardly ever write on here anymore. Years ago I stoped writing so much, I just got SUPER tired of all of my entries being about how Devin was on my nerves and how angry and depressed I stayed. Now a days i feel better. Significantly better. I dont eat a lot of stuff. I dont eat a lot of foolishness, my diet pretty much consists of brown rice and veggies with the occasional treat. EVERYTHING seems to make me super depressed and angry.I stay away from sugar, caffeine, red meat, refined flour, and fat. I also try to run everyday. I LOVE running. It gives me something to look forward to. My life was beginning to feel like all these constant hurts, sadness and anger, and all i even had to look forward to were hurts, sadness and anger, well, now i have so much more. I go to group therapy, which is AWESOME. I love having the support. Theres my Spiritual Center that i attend regularly, running, and spending time with the kids and friends. I still love to read and write and i have a pretty consistent prayer and meditation routine  But i cant help but feel that there is still something missing. I dont know.  Still a void in me. A lack of fulfillment, or achievement. Like I havnt ACCOMPLISHED anything. Have yet to GROW and see the fruits of my growth.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Im Bald Again!!!

I just love it. So easy and care free. I know I said I wouldn't cut my hair again...but the split ends was just too discouraging. It seemed that no matter what I did I had split ends out the ass and the back was always really badly broken off. I slept with it tied up, I moisturized etc...everything I was supposed to do and still nothing. I didn't have the time, energy or money to keep it done. This is so much better.