Thursday, October 21, 2010

BOOK: Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway ...and More

OMG!!!! So FLY!! A great compilation obook of poetry by some of the dopest lyricist in the Slam World. And the fac t that its allll the way On Broadway gives added effect to the fact of poetry growing. Lately I have been sooo in love with reading, and poetry, and words...its flustering. there are time that i am so enthralled with a book that i feel i cant read fast enough. loool Its like my eye balls cant move accross the page fast enough. loool. im silly, i know. But a good book of poetry is always whats needed. The right "medicine" at the right time. I am so impressed wth people who are writters and poets, and rappers and REALLY know and love words. I only pray that i can be as great as the great poets of my day:
Some featured in te book are:
Beau Sia
Black Ice
Georgia Me
Mayda Del Valle
Staceyann Chin
Steve Colman
Suheir Hemmad

BOOK: Regaining Joy: A Guide to Ivercoming Stress and Sadness by Renee Bartkowshi

This book was so beautifully written. In the form of prayers to God. Beautiful heartfelt prayers and COVERSATIONS with God. Thats one of the things i deffinately need to work on, having more CONVERSATIONS with God. So much of my prayers consist f asking for, and praising him, thanking him, and thats all good and needed, but i REALLY want to just TALK to him. Some of that other stuff seems so formal when im speaking to God. There are days when i just want to master the art of talk to him like he were a physical person right here in front of me. This book is a good book to read out loud, because it is a book of prayers.Just like the bible book of Psalms is good to read out loud because tey help you to talk with God, to praise him. There are some days i dont know what to say to god, or i feel like i am running out of words to say to praise him. When i turn to the Book of Psalms it is always filled with heartfelt praise that draws me close to God and back where i need to be.

Friday, October 15, 2010

BOOK: God's Answers to Life Difficult Questions by Rick Warren

Enjoyable, and retainable. the main thing that i love about the way Rick Warren writes is ability to give "bulleted" guidence and instruction on Christian matters and living. he does this beautiifully and eloquently without making the reader feel as though they are in the first grade (being condenscending). I love him and he is one of the few christian authors that i feel i can trust. Good Read

BOOK: A Saint On Death Row by Thomas Cahill

AN EXCELLENT,WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL book about a black man who was placed on death row at the age of 18. but the beautiful part of his story is his grace through it all. his forgivness and willingness to help others in the system like him. the book really opens the eyes to flawed judiciary system, especially in Texas. it helped me to put a finger on EXACTLY how i feeel about capital punishment. i never thought about it. but now i know i dont agree with it, under NO cercumstances. i feel death is a luxery even for the most hideous of a christian i dont even know if i am supposed to have the OPTION of being FOR capital punishment. but i do know NOW on MY OWN ( with no religious influence)that i dont agree with it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Lifestyle Habits

 Eat at least 3 balance meals, each including a vegetable or a fruit each day
 Drink 6-8 eight-ounce glasses of pure water each day
 take a multivitamin/multimineral supplement each day
 enjoy some type of physical activity (walking, gardening, yoga) for at least 30 mins each day, or on most days
 spend at least 10 mins of quite time alone (meditating, praying, deep breathing, day dreaming) each day
 do something to work towards fulfilling my dreams- read about starting a business, practice an instrument, indulge in a hobby like quilting- each day or each week
 spend at least 15 mins outdoors in sunlight each day
 take steps to minimize stress (take breaks, call a supportive friend) each day
 avoid smoking and second hand cigarette smoke
 drink no more then 1-3 alcoholic beverages per week
 avoid caffeinated coffee, tea, colas
 get approx. 7 hours of sleep per night

Friday, October 8, 2010

i wonder....

what it would be like to fuck a poet. what words would he drip in my ear? How would he say it?

BOOK: The Moments, the Minutes,the Hours : The Poetry Of Jill Scott

i LOVED this book of Poems by the great wordist Jill Scott. I want to BUY this book just so that i can read and reread and reread all the mind numbingly incredible poems.

Lately i have this OBSESSION with poetry, and rap, and spoekn word. I LOVE IT. i listen to it carefully now and try to do things with my words were i glue them together to try and make them fit and sound as slick as the poets on tv...but that shit never seems to work. so i am content just reading it, looking at it, listening to it. my lyrical, versital, spoken word porn.

Book: Midnight A Ganster Love Story by Sister Souljah

was a ok book. it was interesting and i enjoyed comming to a better understanding about Islam. i had so many rediculous views of Islam (as many Christians do who dont study islam)that are now settled through understanding. But what i did not like was the arrogence of main character Midnight about his religion and Africa in general. i hated how Souljah painted every young black American as being moralless, floosy, killing machines. she madeit seem like Africa is ABSOLUTLY PERFECT and America is ABSOLUTE hell. and niether on is true. Africa needs to make improvments just as America. so she can sit down far as putting americans down is concern.
But...with all that said i did enjoy the character and want to folow his story. i wil be reading the follow up book due to come out in 2011. if doing nothing eles...i will be reading. nohing wrong with that.

Monday, October 4, 2010

New Fall Season

Fall always brings new harvest and sense of warmth over my life. Time to coudle and create. i love to knit and crochet in the fall. make warm things for my baby for the season to come.