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Excerpts from "One day My Soul......

Excerpts from "One Day My Soul Just Opened Up" by Iyanla Vanzant : -There is a power a force of life in and around us that loves us even though the people around us are frantic. It is that force of life around us that helps us grow. The help is free. -It is this force of love that ensures all of our important parts are in the right spot -The invisible presence of the Divine is the energy we need need in order to be activated. -The act of meditation is the best way to get plugged in and turned on to the Divine -Go back to the beginning, Have no eyes. No ears. No voice. Do nothing. Be nothing. This is the best description of meditation i can offer -"Be still and know!" Stillness is the key. Still the mind, stil the body. Still the need to be anything in order to get plugged in . Once you are plugged in the power is activated -When you still the mind to all outside influences, and internal chatter the power will become activated. -The results of this stillness, silence and act of trust will be growth. You will grow in mental ability and spiritual understanding. You will grow in awareness and consciousness . You will grow in your divinity

BOOK: "One Day My Soul Just Opened Up" by Inyanla Vanzant

Over the next 40 days i am working through Iyanla Vanzant's book "One Day My Soul Just Opened up". Each day we study 40 spiritual principles. I'm on day 4 now which is meditation. And i must admit that the way many eastern philosophies and new agers put meditation has the "christian" in me scared. The christian in me that i am trying to ignore. I am trying to be open minded to certain things. I say "i am not a christian" and "i do not agree with christian doctrine" the end of the day when it comes down to it......there are cerain things i just wont fuck with. i guess just to be on the safe side, and this type of "mind emptying" meditation is one of them. In christianity the fear is , reaching the type of awareness where god is, is dangerous because humans are not supposed to be there. Also , growing up a Jehovah's Witness i was taught that this type of meditation emties your mind , therefore leaving u open for demon possession and demons overtaking your mind. and I KNOW THIS IS SILLY and just a scare tactic.....but i'm having a hard time letting it go. OH! one more thing. i was speaking with my mother in law earlier in the week about this book....and she said "GIRL! THAT BOOK! Thats how i broke my leg the first time!" The story goes: she was working through this book some years back. she got to day four (meditation) and was trying to do this mind emptying meditation and ended up falling asleep. well, she was scared out of this deep meditative sleep by her her son knocking on the door and when she went to get up she broke her leg. what do i do?? i dont want to be scared of anything

My Desires

My desire is to laugh EVERYDAY with my family. Search for opportunities to giggle, and have deep belly laughs...and little fluttering smiles that pass like butterflies My other daily desire is to be of service. These are my deepest desires . When i come to the end of my life and i think back on it, i would want to know that i spend everyday laughing and being of service to other people. then i will feel my life is one well spent

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So I entered a 6 mos challenge with my hair this year as i do every year during the cold months. I have soooo much new growth i am soooo super excited that i have decided to cut my challenge short by a few days. lol..i REALLY want to wear my hair and just cant take it anymore. plus i have some work to do on my edges from it being in protective styles for so long. i need some edge cream of some sort. any good suggestions?? My rutine is still Shea moisture curling souffle and the eco styler gel. I'm super pumped because i found a HUGE jug of eco styler gel at a hair store down the street from my house that i will be getting a few of. because when i discovered eco styler gel, i would just buy like 3-4 of the medium sized tuubs. but i dont like running out of a good hair product, especially since i have fallen in love with my hair the way that i have this past year because of this gel.

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Loving Yourself by Louise Hay Pt 1

Should I or Shouldnt I....

change the title and feel of this blog? i mean, my life is no long exclusivly about Poots anymore. We have a little boy in the mix now, who adds so more enrichment. I love having him here. I cant believe how different and exciting things are with a little boy. He adds a different spin on life. But at the same time, i feel like "if it aint broke dont fix it". It cant still be about my life with Poots ...that includes our new element. I have to make up my mind. I judt love this blog and dont want to ever neglect know...cause i have SOOOOOOOOO many readers that keep up with me and all. loool Although i know that i am blogging to myself on most nights