Monday, January 19, 2009

just writting

Via the sidekick. So excuse and crazy looking transcrip and lettering. Well, I went to the hall yesturday. This year my goal is to get married, start school, and get reinstated. I cleaned my room today. I am taking å break b4 I clean the kitchen. Do you know what's annoying? That between devin and I, I am the only one to clean. And if I don't do it, it won't get done. Its frustrating as hell. Tomorrow I start therapy. Mmm...I feel like this year will be å great year for me. With attending my meetings and going to therapy. Mmmm...I hope that it is productive. And that I actually DO °•Ξ₩hΔ†Ξ•° I say I will. And actually DO °•Ξ₩hΔ†Ξ•° is needed to feel better. And get better. There are time that I feel like I go to my friends with the same problems. And it gets tiring. I get tired of talking about the same shit to them and then not doing °•Ξ₩hΔ†Ξ•° it takes to feel better. I hope I don't do the same with my therapist. There are so many stressors in my life that I won't blog about but I will tell my therapist. You know, for privacy reasons. I hope I like him and I don't feel uncomfortable around him. Sometimes I clam up and get shy around å certain type of person.

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