Wednesday, April 2, 2008

SHE'S HERE!! SHE'S HERE!! Akira Raquel

The most beautifullest girl in the whole wide world was born March 9,2008 via C-section. 7lbs1 once!. I love her sooo much. i have been away from the puter so i was unable to post but i have been writting everything. Breastfeeding is sooo much better this week then last week. last week i thought my nipples would fall off. lol. but she is sooo worth nothing but the best and worth all the pain. i have so much to write i dont know where to start and i dont have the time. i'm not supposed to be out of the house. but she had a dr's appointment. she's got a little eye infection from a blocked tear duct. thats so irritating to my nerves. but she's eatting well, and sleeping. doesnt seem to be in any pain or discomfort. so i give her plebty of kissies and nose nessles, i talk to her and sing to her. i pray over her and wonder where my life was prior to her. What was i doing and thinking?! Because THIS is were life begins for KiKi. We were flooded out of the house. When we got home from the hospital water was EVERYWHERE. I had to take the kittens to my mom's house and Egytp to the SPCA. I just dont have time to care for her like i used to. We are staying with my mom til my house is fixed this week. I wanted to cry when i first saw my house then i looked at my angel girl and thought to myself...."it's gonna be ok, be strong for her." and so far so good. Well, my mom has Kira right now, i need to get back to her.

with only 8 days to go

feel incredibly anxious, and emotional. For some reason i'm more clingy. lol. I dont want to be alone. I want to be home cleaning and preparing. i know that the next few days will cal for me having to be brave. i am worried thinking that i will somehow miss the start of my labor which is so important to me because of the Group B strep bacteria. That has me worried. It's important for me to get to the hospital in the beginning of my labor so that i can get antibiotics during my labor. i just wonder when it's more likely for me to go into labor. do women usually do it when they are asleep and thier bodies are relaxed, or when they're up and walking arpund. i dont think i will sleep on Tuesday or any day that follows thats she's not here. i wonder what mood my dr. will be in when i'm in labor. if she will be sleepy and cranky or if she'll understand that i am in pain. i know she's delivered so many babies i have only seen her in the office setting. hmm