Tuesday, January 20, 2009


one glass jar
6oz of jojoba oil or macadamia nut oil
2oz aloe vera juice/gel
2 tblsp of horsetail herbs
plastic squirt bottle (like the one for hair dye)

1. place oil and herbs in a the jar
2. place jar in a pot of boiling water let the oil heat up
3. remove jar from water and place the top on it let this sit for three days so the herb can infuse with the oil
4. strain oil in to squirt bottle
5. pour in 2oz of aloe
6. shake well and your ready to go

with this mix you will oil you SCALP (after i brush it through my hair) if you use Jojoba you may have to reapply every two day because you scalp will absorb the oil completely. with the mac oil you will reapply it once a week depending on how fast your scalp absorbs the oil.
continue to wash and condition you hair as usual just dont pile on a bunch of other products if you can dont put any thing else on you SCALP you dont want to clog you pours.

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