Wednesday, January 28, 2009


i figured i'd better write and document this feeling since it seems not to come often or last long when it is here. lmaoooo. i feel good because for the first time in areally long time i actually feel i am accomplishing something. with the start of my school quickly approaching i feel i am about to pop out of my skin. im just that excited about it. i should be starting NO later then my the end of Feb. i called the school today and the dean actually called me back! stayed on the phone with me and answered ALL of my questions.i am loking forward to this thing.

i am really feeling fashion and appearences lately. i have been keeping my hair done. but now i want to get into keeping my make up done, and dressing. ok, when i go to work i where scrubs. but i want to have gatherings at the house and go places and LOOK cute while doing it. i plan on utilizing this thrift store down the street from my house. i went in there and bought a REALLY cute knit , black skirt. it was 4.50 lmaoooo. so i plan on searching in different thrift stores for shit i can HOOK UP. but still shop at the mall to make it pop.

i want to focus my makeup on my eyes, and lips. i already have a nice mineral foundation. but i LOVE eys and lips. so i want to have really fun makeup, without loking like a clown. lmaoo. i want to get into deep red lips, and purples. i have always been so SAFE with my ake up. relying on browns and neutrals
so i wouldnt look clownish. lmaoo there was this girl i grew up with who scared me far as make up is concerned. she would always look like a clown. always wearing TOO MUCH of something TOO BRIGHT! so idk what POSSESSED me to let her do my makeup for my high school graduation!! when i loked at myself in the mirror i cried so hard. i looked sooooo ugly. like a damn clown! my mom was like JUST WASH IT OFF! and i went plain jane to my highs school graduation. but il ooked much prettier then with all that shit she had on my face at first. relying solely on my carmex. i was just fine. so that whole EXPERIENCE made me NEVER want to do make up. because i was afraid i'd look like i did that day. lmaooo. but now i am ready to venture out. to take chances with my look. imm try it and post pics. lol

i am also excited about my G1 phone i plan on getting. the applications for this shit is FIERCE! WOOOOOOOW!! cant wait

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