Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"I Want To Kiss You"

"Sign Language" Rives

"Asian Invasion"


"Tito Puente"

Lemon "Experience"

Lemon "Gangsta MC's"

Lemon "A Love Poem"

Stacey Ann Chin "If Only Out Of Vanity"

Malcolm Jamal Warner "I Love My Women"

Amanda Diva "Hot Shit"

Common "God is Freedom"

Erykah Badu "Fans, Friends, Artist"

Stacey Ann Chin : "Nails"

RIVES "Dirty Talk"

My New pleasure: watching old Def Poetry

Tryying to Go Back Back To Scool

i have been kicking ass lately with trying to go back to school. my MAIN goal right now is to find a second job AT ALL COST to pay for tuition for the next two years. its not too expensive and i can pay for it out of pocket if i work hard. plus my job offers tuition reimbersment.but i was thinking today about how things used to be. and how when i was younger i FOOLISHLY sqwandered my oportunities away. not seeing the value in them. i mean, my mother was willing to pay for me to go to school full time. i could have had an education paid in full, ect..but i waisted it. and now i have to break my ass to pay for my own tuition because i made STUPID decisionds. i just hope that if there are any young people that read my blog. my advice to you is to LISTEN to to your parents. if they want you to go to scholl LISTEN and GO. do it while you are young and free. child free, financially able to. because life is HARD without school and a education and you dont want to live your life from check to check, or struggling or working two jobs for the rest of your life. you want to be able to do what you like comfortably, and take days off to vacaction with your family. thats what life is all about spending time with your family and serving god.

MY 400th POST!!!!!! This One's Gotta Be Good

i cant believe that this is my 4400th post. wow! you guys have seen my document everything in my life pretty much. from discovering i was pregnant, my engament, and wedding plans, and now my spiritual journey. sharing with my annanymous readers (whomever they may be) is one of the few (and might i add VERY FEW) pleasures i get in life. i dont know why but there is something so theraputice about just WRITTING. and keeping it real with all of you. i mean, i would never just PUT ALL MY BUSINESS in the cyber street but i enjoy talking about the ways that i get by in life as a new mom, student, christian, lover, wife, ect. evevn when i fall short and i know i am wrong, i still write. when there are things in my life i KNOW i need to change i still write. just to let other women know that if they are going through the same things they are not alone. and eventually we will all get through it. so IF there are any readers, THANK YOU. for following me and for loving me. i love you too.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just Writting

Tonight i dont feel so good. i am going to lay it all out and tell you all about it. today i got paid. but long story short i have NO money to get my hair done. and i guess im just tired of living like this. i feel terrible. and its not even because i couldnt get my hair done. but because i feel bad about myself and im too poor to be able to do anyhing about it. its 2009. ANYTHING you dont like about yourself is fixable. there is no reason t have low self esteem. but im too poor to take advantage of those beauty opportunities.that SUCKS. and when i CAN get my hair done i do it MYSELF. to save money. but thats still not good enough. devin still says i'm spoiled or i dont sacrifice. WHY?? because i want my fuckin hair done? cause i dont wanna look and feel bad? am i fuckin wrong for that?? plus my mom said something that got on my nerves real bad. its like because she knows i am having sex and im not married, she thinks im sluttin around. like i have ABSOLUTLEY no coof or morals. its like she just makes me out to be this disfellowshipped harlet that DOES EVERYTHING just because i think i CAN. she commented on the way i stand. saying that i stand real "stank" with my legs open and back. excuse the fuck outta me?? NO! i know how to fuckin STAND and SIT like a lady. i know how to conduct myself like a WOMEN. i dont nor WOULD i nor HAVE i FUCKED the world. i remember once she even said that i was fucking my friend larry, with NO proof. and i wasnt. we were just REAL cool , she said i prolly did it to the man who did my tattoos. she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fuckin JUDGEMENTAL!! they get on my damn nerves!!

The Classic Beauty That is Phyllis Hyman

A phyllis Hyman Interview

i have grown up to her music. i never saw her perform or seen her in anything other then pictures and posters my mother had. but i have ALWAYS identified with her music.

Phyllis Hyman: untold 5

Dont Wanna Change The World - Phyllis Hyman

I Refuse To Be Lonely - Phyllis Hyman

Phyllis Hyman: untold 4

Living All Alone/Prime of My Life

Phyllis Hyman: untold 3

Phyllis HYman : Untold 3

Somewhere In My Lifetime - Phyllis Hyman

You Know How To Love Me - Phyllis Hyman

Phyllis Hyman: Untold 2

Betcha By Golly Wow ft Phyllis Hyman - Norman Connors

Phyllis Hyman:unsung

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I told Devin

To take it or leave it. That i will NEVER not be one of Jehovah's Witness. And although i am in the state i am in my main goal in my life right now is be reinstated. I said to him that as long as we are both Christian and encourage each other and do not try to hinder one another from spiritual growth that we are not unevenly yoked. i said that he fell in love with ME. and was completely aware of the fact that i was raised one of jehovah's witness' and want to be reinstated. he was COMPLETELY aware of this fact for almost 3 years now. DO NOT all of a sudden have a problem with that. Being a JW has made me who i am, it is a part of me. dont expect me to change that because i wont. now iether you are in love with ME and want ME or you dont. i asked him if he was fine with me not celebrating the holidays, birthdays ect when we get married, because if not, if that was something he couldnt live with then we could split now. but i will ALWAYS choose being a JW over not ANY DAY, over ANY person. now i told him this...but insaid i still have a internal struggle with things. he said he can live with that. that he loves me. i am now trying to fall in love with my organization. not for my family, not for anyone eles but ME. because i need to familiarize myself again, with my core beleifs. and fall in love with them. fall in love with the organization. hmmm...

How to get extensions for African American hair!

How to get extensions for African American hair!
Celebrities like Beyonce, Halle Berry, Alicia Keys and Brandy all look stunning with their constantly changing hairstyles. Their secret is hair extensions and it's now easier than ever to get their style!

Extensions can take you from short to long hair, give you more volume and instant highlights! You can go curly, straight or get a new color. They can also help you after a hair disaster or hair damage.
How extensions can save your hair!
Many black women get their hair pressed and chemically relaxed to straighten it. If this is repeated regularly, it can damage the hair very badly. Black hair is particularly prone to damage as it is quite delicate and needs gentle handling.

Hair extensions can be used to hide damaged hair until the real hair grows through again. It's best to see a good stylist who can assess the amount of damage and advise you whether your hair can take extensions or not.
How would the extensions be attached?
There are many methods. Your stylist can advise on the best one for you.

Weaving - Tracks (cornrows) are braided close to the scalp and the extensions are then sewn onto them. This is the most popular method of attachment
This is ideal for growing out a chemical relaxer as your own natural hair is braided underneath the extensions and won't be seen

Braiding - A skilled stylist braids tiny strands of extension hair into your own hair. Some of the names you might hear are tree braid, braid weave, cornrows and french braid

Ring-X - This is a fairly recent and very neat process. The strand of extension hair already has a very fine metal loop fixed at the end of it. Using a special tool, the stylist 'latches' the extension on and the result is very flat, undetectable clips close to the scalp

I-Tip - The extension has an I-shaped piece of hard glue on the end. It's attached to your hair with a heated iron

U-Tip - The same as an I-Tip…just different shaped glue!

Fusion - A glue stick in a heat gun melts and is used to attach the extension to your own hair. This can take you from a short crop to long hair in around 8-16 hours! It's one of the most expensive methods

Bonding - This is the easiest method and is used on wefts of extension hair. A weft is like a false eyelash but with long hair on it! Glue is applied to the weft and then stuck to the root of your own hair. It's a temporary method and is easy to remove with special glue remover

Many people are now turning to clip-on hair extensions. These are kind to your hair as they just clip in and you can put them in or take them out as you like!
They come in human or synthetic hair and a variety of styles, lengths and colors.
They're ideal for special occasions as they're so easy to attach!
If your hair is badly damaged, your stylist might recommend these to you in an effort to avoid further harm being done to your hair.
The problem with cornrows...
One of the most popular styles for African Americans is cornrows which are unfortunately very damaging to hair. They have remained popular because they are very easy to maintain and can be left in for weeks.

Unfortunately - as many black people and lovers of hair extensions are discovering – cornrows can cause a form of alopecia or hair loss. This is called tension alopecia and is caused by just that – tension on the hair from tight braids or cornrows literally pulling the hair out at the roots.

The only method of treatment is to stop wearing the cornrows until your hair grows back. Clip-on hair extensions would be great for this as they won't cause any more damage.
Help for permanent damage
Some people suffer permanent damage, usually on the front hairline. It's now possible to have a fine mesh spread across the root area. This acts as a bridge though which the new extensions can be applied.
What type of extension is best?
Human hair is the best quality and gives the best results. It's also the most expensive.

Fake it!
Synthetic hair is used very successfully for black hair extensions - especially if they are braids as they are indistinguishable from the real thing!
The most common are Kanekalon fiber and Toyakalon fiber. They are lighter than plain synthetics and so don't pull the roots of your hair so much. You can also style them with hot irons but keep it on the lowest, coolest setting – or you'll melt your new hair!
Watch this space...
The hot news in the world of extensions is the development of a protein fiber made from collagen. This is almost identical to human hair in texture. The protein hair is called ULTIMA and is made by a company called Kaneka. They've signed Brandy as their spokeswoman.
This 'hair' is expected to do very well so be on the lookout!

How to Sew In Extensions: Hair Extensions | eHow.com

How to Sew In Extensions: Hair Extensions | eHow.com

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How to Sew In Your Hair Weave: Hair Extensions | eHow.com##

How to Sew In Your Hair Weave: Hair Extensions | eHow.com##

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How to Use a Hair Weaving Needle: Hairstyles & Weaves | eHow.com

How to Use a Hair Weaving Needle: Hairstyles & Weaves | eHow.com

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About Hair Weaving: Hairstyles & Weaves | eHow.com

About Hair Weaving: Hairstyles & Weaves | eHow.com

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How to Braid Hair With a Weave: Hairstyles & Weaves | eHow.com

How to Braid Hair With a Weave: Hairstyles & Weaves | eHow.com

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Styles I Want

Styles i Want

I want a DIFFERENT hair style``

This weekend i think i will try to do something diferent with my hair. i want a weave DEFFINATELY. i will do it myself. since money is tight. i dot know if i want it curly or straight, gold, or black. i think i may just go safe since this is my first weave om doing myself and get something already styled. maybe curly or wavy and cut it short. i think thats what i may do. get some wavy hair and cut it short. i think i may even do it blond. or some other color other then black. hmmmm? chu think? i'll find some examples

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Acne Clearing: i think that maybe

i need to embark on a body detoxify regimen. i need to first cleanse my colon, blood ect and move forward with some sort of acne care system and evener. and of coarse its ok to wear my natural mineral make up.
Constipation and Acne
By: Colon Cleansing & Constipation Resource Center
Updated: April 23, 2009

Constipation and Acne May Indicate Trouble
The human body is comprised mainly of water, about 55 to 60% in most adults. We already know it’s best to drink at least eight 8-oz. glasses of water a day. If your body isn’t getting enough water, one of the first signs is constipation and acne or other skin blemishes. Waste hardens within your colon and there are no fluids to lubricate its easy passage out of the body. You may also notice your skin begins to feel dry and cracks in certain places. The lips, elbows and fingers are some of the first locations to notice the change. Spread all the moisturizer you want, but it’s not going to solve the problem because you must first hydrate from within.

Effects of Constipation
Another reason constipation and acne go hand in hand is the toxic effect constipation has on the body. When you’re constipated, your body isn’t getting rid of all the poisonous toxins normally expelled with a bowel movement. The toxins have nowhere to go, and they begin to accumulate before being reabsorbed into the bloodstream.

Then the toxins course through the body it goes into a state of emergency. The body senses these nasty poisons and begins trying to fight them off, trying to discover a way to detoxify itself. As a failsafe option, the toxins are expelled through the skin; but the acidic nature of the toxins causes the skin to become inflamed and thus develop acne. If these toxins were left in the body indefinitely, they could eventually intensify to detrimental levels. Some signs you may be poisoning your system include bad breath and excess gas, bloating, depression, headaches, and “brain fog” or feeling like you can’t think clearly, and the aforementioned constipation and acne difficulties.

If your body is functioning properly and you are having regular bowel movements and eating the right foods, there is a very good chance acne can be reduced if not eliminated. Of course, the first step to changing your lifestyle involves becoming better educated. So, what foods, products or advice should one take to begin the transformation to better skin?

Positive Lifestyle Changes
Changing the way you look at food can be difficult, but it can be the most beneficial lifestyle shift you can make. Some foods aid in digestion and some can seize up the process. A high fiber colon healthy diet, with plenty of water consumption for the fiber to absorb in the colon, is one of the keys to controlling constipation and acne.

Foods Good for the Digestive System:

Fiber-rich fruits like apples, prunes, peaches, and raspberries
Fiber-rich vegetables like raw broccoli, cauliflower, kidney and lima beans, carrots, spinach, and Brussels sprouts
Whole grain cereals and breads (not enriched or bleached)
Protein-rich foods like fish, chicken, tofu, nuts, yogurt, and beans
Foods to Avoid:

You can’t have a good list without a bad list, so here are a few things you should avoid:
Caffeinated drinks
Foods with white flour or refined sugar (such as ice cream, cheese, processed foods, pizza, potato chips, etc.)
Heavy meats such as beef or pork
Cleansing the Colon
In order to regain control of your body, you need to clean it out and start fresh. The best way to accomplish this is with a thorough colon cleanse. Cleaning the colon, while it’s not a topic of everyday conversation, is one of the most important things you can do to help maintain your health and allow your body’s immune system to rebuild its strength. With a clean colon, your body can rid itself of the poisonous toxins causing constipation and acne as well as other health problems and skin conditions.

Oxy-Powder® is a widely used and praised colon cleaner. Oxy-Powder® gently cleans the colon with a unique formula of oxygenated magnesium, citric acid, and germanium-132. It thoroughly cleanses out deep-seated fecal matter, mucous, and sludge, leaving you feeling like a weight has been removed from your body. After removing all the garbage with Oxy-Powder®’s all-natural formula, your body can begin to rebuild a healthy environment within your colon for allowing good bacteria to grow in your digestive system.

As powerful as Oxy-Powder® is, it works gently enough so you don’t have to practically live in the bathroom. Once you finish the initial 7-day cleanse, you can help maintain your colon’s optimal health by following a regular maintenance program. Helping to keep your body clean from the inside out offers many health benefits—mainly, reducing conditions such as bloating, excess gas, persistent fatigue, blurry vision, feeling heavy or lethargic, being overweight due to the accumulation of waste in the colon, and even chronic constipation. So follow a healthful diet, stay well hydrated, get plenty of exercise, and be alert for signs such as constipation and acne symptoms as possible indicators something is not right in your normal digestive process.

Causes of bad skin

Bad Diet
It doesn't take a genius to know what you put in you get out, so the healthier your diet the healthier your skin should be. The obvious pointers are to eat lots of fresh fruit and veg plus drink water. Excess alcohol can cause redness of the skin resulting in broken capillaries. Junk food creates free radicals causing damage to cells. Think of free radicals as nasty little cells that fly around your body like bumper cars and every time they bump into a healthy cell they damage it. See our previous post on acne or vitamin deficiency.

The number 1 cause of damage and yet people still don't wear high enough sun protection factor (SPF) all year round. UV rays can create a thickening of the skin leading to blackheads, white heads, dull tired skin and rough dry skin. The sun will dry out the skin and your bodies reponse it to release more sebum, the cause of breatouts.

Environmental Issues
This is where a good cleansing routine is essential. Pollution, dirt and cosmetics can cause problems if not properly cleansed leaving them to do damage in your pores. Environmental toxins can cause serious free radical issues which will not only lead to breatouts but also premature ageing.

Sleep is when our bodies do their repair work so it's a good idea to get what you need. Everyone differs in the amount of sleep they need so if you find you are tired during the day, go to bed a little earlier - after thoroughly cleansing your skin!

Stress, Hormones and other factors
Stress is a major factor in breakouts on your skin as it causes hormonal changes in your body that can play havoc on your skin. As a therapist I would notice if my client is under stress if she has breakouts along her jaw line. Another hormonal factor is around the time of your period when you may notice a breakout around your chin. If you've recently come off the contraceptive pill you may notice a breakout which could last a few months due to hormonal changes in your body.

Using the wrong products can be very damaging to your skin especially if they are hard soaps which will result in dry flaky skin. Some of the acne products have harsh ingredients which will upset your ph balance further.

Smoking - is there a need to point out the obvious! One cigarette will generate billions of free radicals the nasty little enemies that break down anti-oxidants in your body leading to not only bad skin but premature ageing.

If you find you are guilty of most of the causes, don't try to change everything in one go as it will be totally overwhelming. Change one thing at a time and you should have more success. Visit your therapist to make sure you are using the right product and the ball rolling towards good clear skin.

Pretty Skin Inspirations

Pretty Skin Inspirations

Pretty Skin Inspirations