Tuesday, September 17, 2013

BOOK: Spiritual Solutions To Everyday Problems by Deepak Choprah

BLAH! Theres a pretty good question and answer section in the back that i enjoy. Overall, however i was unempressed. Maybe i'm just not the biggest Deepak Choprah fan

BOOK: How to know God by Deepak Chopra

I really dont know where to start. I dont know that i really ENJOYED the book so much as i just couldnt put it down because of the potential that I saw in it. It was an easy to read, easy to understand book, it just never really SAID HOW TO KNOW GOD. I did LOVE the explaination of God and his role inour lives at different parts of consciousness of our lives. It will piss the christians off. However, a open mind will solve much of those issues. I enjoyed it.

My second Set. 9/17-10/17

So i went wrong with the first set, they got frizzy and didnt last as long because I wet them in the shower. But i absolutley LOVE my mini braids. The only down side to this style of how long it takes to get them OUT and get them in really. But getting them out is my real issue. It took me about a week of stop and go unbraiding to get them out.

Mook Shu 9 mos

marathon training

Still at it. The marathon is less then a month away. My only concern is not being able to pay the price it cost to run it. Might i add that i think it's REDICULOUS that i have to PAY to use MY OWN BODY to do something. At any rate, i figure that even if i cant pay ...I'm atill going to run 13 miles that day. They cant tell me not to use my own legs if i cant pay. loool