Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


WOOT WOOOOT!!! i am so excited and happy to be so educated on what i am going through this time. i plan on living and doing things soooo differently. I REFUSE to work a second job like i did while pregnant with poots. i am just going to sit back and ENJOY this pregnancy. Especially since i'll be mainly pregnant during the spring and summer months. but not my BIGGEST. so i'll still be able to enjoy the wheather. Right now, however i am just sleepy a lot and my boobies hurt. but so far no other pregnancy symptoms.
I really dont think Poots grasps the idea or the FUN of what being a big sister means. loool. i mean, it's never happened before so i dont exspect her to. She was just happy to be screaming along with me. lol. But i CANT wait to show her , her knew cute baby. lool. EVERY baby she walks by on the street she says "awww mommy, look at da cute baby!!" I'm so excited. We're moving by the end of the month to a two bedroom and they will have thier own room!! i'm so excited!! i'm happy i had been weaning myself off the meds for a few weeks. i just cut down to 10mg. and after a couple weeks this is where i am supposed to stop. but i have decided to just stop right here, NOW. there shouldnt be any side effects.
Certain family members have made it quite evident that arent happy for Devin and I which just pisses me off. Because NO MATTER WHAT, I AM HAPPY! and i hate that they cant be happy for me, because i am. People are only happy when a baby is born into 100% PERFECT cercumstances. and i'm sorry but that NEVER happens. The most you can do is prepare and pray. Devin and i are great people as a whole and we are a great couple as a whole. but like EVERYONE eles we have our down falls as humans, parents, and marriage mates. but who the fuck DOESNT?? it seems like when a downfall of devin and i people make it seem like BECAUSE ITS US, the situation is SO MUCH WORSE then average cercumstances and its NOT!!
And you know what eles i am preparing myself for? not putting up with people's bullshit!! and feeding into what my child should and shouldnt be doing at a particular time in thier growth. I really just want to stay to myself. Fuck people and thier opinions. I'm happy, and my family is happy and that is all that matters. i REALLY plan on staying to myself for the duration of my pregnancy. Cause i dont have time for the dumb stuff. i want to enjoy myself. ride my bike, walk, exercise and play with poots and go to the beach and laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY!! so i can birth a happy, healthy baby. and not stress and fret myself in the process.
SO HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!