Friday, November 18, 2011

BOOK: Two Or Three Three Things I Know For Sure by: Dorathy Allison

The way this book was written is very interesting. Kind of like poetry, but its a memoir of the author's life growing up in the south and being a victim of abuse, and how she grew into her lesbianism. It was just an OK book. And i LOVE memoirs. Dorathy Allison is also the author of the book Bastard out of Carolina wich was later made into a movie. But i was dissapointed in this memoir. It seems like she held back in her writtings. I mean, if you're going to hold back....then why write a memoir?? Not to mention its a REALLY short book. You could finnish it in an hour. The last thing i didnt like was the ending. At the end of the book i had a lot of un answered questions, i wanted to know if she is ok NOW ect.But It just sort of dropped off and ENDED like this

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

growth this month 10/31/11

lmaooo...look whos in the bottom right hand corner. i didnt even see her there at first.

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i didnt notice much of a increase with the use of the Micanozole Nitrate then before. so ill probably use the last bit i have and not keep with it. ill do what iv been doing. Vitamins, and oiling my scalp
Last month

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I really enjoyed this book because it was written by an EX-Jehovah's Witness ani was drawned to it based off of our sharred history. My only problem with how she shared her experiences as a ex-JW and this is a similarity i have noticed that a lot of ex-JW authors share: The book was written with such a cinical undertone. That everything about Jehovah's Witnesses are BAD. I want to read one book by an ex-JW who doesnt taint the religion with thier cinicism and just exclaims like myself "i JUST DONT WANT to be a Jehovah's Witness. Its JUST not for me" Now, i do have my issues with the religion, hence why i choose not to be a JW. But i am not so bitter that i am out to turn everybody eles against JW's based off of my personal experiences. And its NOT a cult! BLAH!! Brianna Barnes, mother was a Jehovah's Witness, but she was a TERRIBLE PERSON and mother. She abused her daughter. But this was NOT BECAUSE she was a JW. Her being a JW had NOTHING to do with her being a general HORRIBLE mother and human being
But what REALLY made the book MOST enjoyable was the love story thats enterweaved in the pages. It really had me cheering for Brianna and Matt....then for it to twist and turn out the way it did....almost had me in tears. It was REALLY unexspected. It made me think about trust. And confirmed so many of the reasons for my trust issues. People can go REAL left feild on u and hurt the hell out of you for no reason.