Thursday, November 28, 2013

My List of 100 Things to be Thankful For

I'm going to do this NOW: My List of 100 Things to be Thankful for.
1. My job. That gives me 8 hours of alone time every night. i Get in sooo much prayer, thanksgiving and reading. i know other mothers would do anything for a 8 free minutes a day
2. that my checks are deposited into my account ON TIME bi weekly.
3. the benefits at my job insurance
5. my health
6. the health of my family
7.the my eyes work and i can see all the awesome words i read at night
8. my legs
11. toes .because of 8-11 i am thankful for and able to do 12
13.awesome running sneakers
15. girls night and my lovely doves Alison Middleton Lakendra Schwendig Jennifer Norsworthy Shruti Tootie Fruiti Jade Fox
16. my children
17. kisses from my babies
18. perfume samples in magazines i read
19. daily conversations with my sweetheart Paula Bolling
20. AWESOME cooked dinners by above sweetheart
21. All my boy friends. cause sometimes you just need a male's perspective Eric Trashman Washington Damn Dat Kidd Los Anthony Campbell
22. MY husband and best friend
23. prayer
24. God
25. My lovely pastor and my Set the Captives Free family DrKaren S Bethea
26. a new appreciation for cold whether.
27. love
28. Mornings and fresh starts
29. the best chocolate therapist in town Ani Parr Also thankful to you for inspiring this list
30. O magazine
31. Rejuvination
32. My car. Although she can be a wench at times...she always seems to pull through
33. natural hair website
34. youtube
35. passion
36. thrift stores
37. cups with lids
38. Blessings
39. soap
40. toothpaste
41. wash cloths
42. deodorant
43. perfume
44. shea butter
45. Dr's because if everyone were like me.....we'd all be sick. cause i draw the line at bodily functions
46. medical research
47. scientific advancment
48. epiphanies
49. The Universe
50. Twists Locks Love Salon & Boutique
52. sweaters
53. coffee
54. herbal tea
55. God providing EVERYTHING we need on this planet to live a happy life and survive
56. awesome hair care products
57. music
58. color
59. Time supplies
61. ice cold water on the hottest day in August
62. Beyonce
63. Gospel music
64. Spiritual awakening
65. that Akira is doing well academically
66. heat in my house
67. blankets
68. Lemon/ orange essential oil
69. tea tree essential oil
70. peppermint essential oil
71. CHILDREN worldwide. dont hey just make like ENJOYABLE? they are our greatest spiritual teachers
72. youtube tutorials
73. the power of resilience
74. Books, magazines, the news papers and other reading materials
75. meditation
76. exercise. particularly the really strenuous kind that science has specificaly shown releases feel good hormones
78. gratitude
79. The Law of Attraction
80. Kids who make adults realize that sometimes they are just PLAIN WRONG
81. meeting random new people on the bus and making friendships or possibly a marriage. Devin Bolling Manofmyword
82. The friend who puts up inspirational quotes on Facebook everyday and even though we don't read them all, our soul appreciates it because all words matter. Tuttie ForeverGreatful Brown-Winston
83. positive affirmations
84. setting a goal an accomplishing it. like a 13 mile marathon
85. police officers
86. firefighters
87. paramedics
88. the armed forces
89. lawyers and law makers
90. being able to laugh
92. kale greens
93. ice cream
94. the bible
95. hot baths and showers
96. Facebook
97. entertainers
98. Teachers
99. backpacks, purses, and Tote bags
100. kindness of strangers
101. the moon and stars
102. Fresh snow and rainy days. Particularly rainy mornings
103. "the little things and the joy they bring." - India Arie
104. Jesus
105. My crystals
106. great spritual leaders
107 see my children grow and hearing thier laughter
108. hot oatmeal with peaches in it
110. my best friend Ashley
111. the internet
112. an awesome support system
113. The two best sisters in the world Aerica Holland Nika AlwaysSmiling Adams
114. public transportation

BOOK: Life! Reflections on Your Journey

Not as good as i would liked...but i got through it. i wont say, its a MUST READ...but it's not a waste of time niether.

BOOK: Orange Is The New Black

Had a ball watching the series on Netflix this past summer. It was sooo good and the season ended with such a cliff hanger I had to get the book to find out how it all ended and how she ended up fairing. Well, there are a lot of similar characters....but over all the series doesnt follow the book. and it isnt toomany times that i say this...but the Series is better then the book. lol. I mean, that;s to be expected because they have to embellish to MAKE a SERIES and keep people comming back. Overall i liked the book but i cant wait for the series to return over the summer.

BOOK: A Street Cat Named Bob And How He Saved My Life

What a sweet little book! It will leave you cooing Awwwwww at every page turn. I couldnt put it down. I love cats and this unlikely bond is just intoxicating beyond description. Just read it IMMEDIATELY

Saturday, November 23, 2013

This has been..

The week from hell for us. Both of us sick.
Back and forth to the e.r and the doctors. Blah!


He's always got his mouth open. I like being able to catch pics of him with it closed. Lol