Sunday, April 5, 2009

Poots: she Calls me "Baby"

lmaooooo. it is soooo funny and cute. i TRY to give her to drink from her bottle or sippie cup more often lately. well, she aint goin for it. lol. she tell me "noooo, baby, nooooo." and i say "im not the baby , you are." but i think it is sooo adorable that she calls me that. she'll stand next to me tapping me "babyyyyyy, babbbbby??" "hmm?" she wave hi to me sayin "baby!" lmaoooo. OMG!! i love her spirit. i love how innocent her intentions and behavior are. i dont mind her calling me baby. i'll be her baby. its endearing. lol i dont know another baby that calls thier mom "baby!" I LOVE being her baby.
oooo and today we passed by the park i took her to for the first time ever. it brought back great memories. even though that day was kindda rainy, she was sooooooooooooooo happy in that swing. lmaooo. i'll never forget the way she was screaming and laughing. lmaooo
and on top of that. this weekend, i went to see my cousin. and she has a daughter named Kirsten. and Kirsten is 5. and she LOOOOVES babies. lmaoooo. it was soooo funny watching them play together. Kirsten kept picking her up and ppoots was just lauuuughing and rolling all over the floor and chasing her. (i have tears in my eyes as i type) because she is so happy. she is full of so much joy. and watching her grow and interact with other children, is a warm feeling, it elates me. she kept chasing Kirsten . They would fall and ROLLLLL for a real long dramatic time like they were rolling DOWN HILL, but it was only on the flate living room floor. i mean i think Kirsten was the best thing to happen to Poots since me and devin. lol. im gonna let them play together more often. they had barbies n stuff. and poots didnt eat the dolls hair , she PLAYED with her. FINALLY, she PLAYED with a toy. and was sharing and stuff. lmaoooooo. usually she dont play with nothing but clothse tags, and wipes and real "off the wall" type stuff. or our cell phones and keys. but when i buy her her OWN toy keys and cell phones she dont want no parts of that either. lmaooo. but she played with barbie this time. but u know what, more i think of it. i had gotten a happy meal some months back and it came with a little barbie. and ALL she did was eat her hair and NOT NOT NOT put her down. i mean she woould literally fall asleep and wake up with her in her hand, crawl, eat, sit, watch tv EVERYTHING with this lil barbie in her hand. so i think im going to buy her a barbie this week some time. she's such a big girl now.

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