Friday, April 24, 2009

HAIR: The Micro Mini Braids are DONE

It has been two months since i got them and i must say that i will NEVER get them again. my edges are DONE. i mean, i almost feel like crying because the braids have taken them almost completly out. i may start to take them out this week and just wear my hair out for like two weeks til i can afford to do my own braids. yea i will be doing my own braids. economically i just cant afford to have it professionally done. i am thinking of just putting kinky twists in it and making them crikly. before i do though my hair NEEDS MAJOR TLC. lol. i'm thinking of doing a henna treatment before my next bout with braids. its spring though and i would love to be able to wear a afro type weave. hmmmm....i have never done my own weave before. im sure i could. so my next style options are
1. kinky twists
2. curly weave
im sad because i havnt been able to pay my cell phone bill and therefore i cant take pics or upload them to the net. aint that some crap?? lol.

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