Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feeling Annoyed And Just Some Kindda Way

idk if it's just that i am sleepy, but i have been feeling really annoyed and angry inside. wanting to cry and stuff like that. i wonder if i'm just getting ready to start my cycle this month and thats y i am soooo moody. i didnt mark in my calender when i started it last month (see i never used to do that prior to me getting pregnant. i got pregnant and started bf'ing and completely forgot how to care for my cycle lmaooo). this is just a time that i need to pray MORE MORE MORE! because i am going around the house picking arguments with devin and there is no need for it. getting offended and irrational over every little thing. i think that i while i am i on my cycle since that is a cleansing process i will use those days as a way to INTENSIFY my prayer, bible reading, and writting rutine. today i was writting all types of stuff in my new book and feeling all types of CRAZY ass PMS'y ways. i HATE PMS. It REALLY takes u outside of urself. I just hope devin understands. i think imay just need to stay to myself for the next couple days.

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