Monday, August 4, 2008

Welcome to the Sacred Women Circle

Sacred Woman Book Circle: February 1st – May 9th

I am so excited that we are all sharing this venture of becoming a “Sacred Woman” with each other. It's thing that stood out to me was that I saw many Sisters say that they have had “Sacred Woman” for quite some time, and maybe even years. I am also one of those who have had a crisp lavender book just sitting on the bookshelf for years...waiting to be explored. Then I thought, why is it that so many of us have had such a great tool for such a long time, yet we just didn't get around to reading it. Maybe it is the interaction that the book requires, I am not really sure, but every moment has its purpose and I feel that it is within this moment that I take and utilize the inspiration that Queen Afua has poured into her book. With all of that said, I welcome all of you to ymib's very first Book Circle! I hope that we can share, build, create, and inspire together through daily and weekly posts.

How To Use The Sacred Woman Book Circle: Even though there is a suggested schedule below that we can follow together, you can read at your own pace and post as much as you like in the relative Gateway/chapters. Use this forum to reflect and inspire on the current chapters & Gateways that you are currently in. I have pre-categorized separate topics that relate to each gateway 1-9 to keep it organized for future reference. So please only post to the relative gateway that we/you are reading. I will do my best to moderate any spam comments, yet if you should see one, please feel free to contact me and I will delete it as quickly as possible.

Posting Ideas: Post questions, pictures, resources that relate to each Gateway, personal experiences, & tips regarding Chapters & Gateways

Sacred Woman Book Circle Schedule & Activity Examples: below you will the weekly schedule for the book Circle. I have also included suggested activities to do, but definitely make each week your own according to what you have read!

Suggestions On How To Use “Sacred Woman” the Book: Many of us define our life differently so in my opinion, while Queen afua provides some very insightful regimens, recipes, and affirmations, I feel that it is important to make this book your own. Meaning you may not be comfortable or in agreement with everything she says or suggests doing, but it is VERY important to re-invent and use your creativity to come up with an alternative that fits your lifestyle while still getting the same results.

Book Circle Rules: There really are no serious rules, however please be sure to make any posts/replies directly to the “Sacred Woman” book not create another topic. This will keep our info and resources centrally located and easy to browse. Please only post to the relative gateway that we/you are reading.

Week One: pg. 1 – 20: Khamitic Nubian Philosophy: Write down your goals and expectations of all of the things that you would like to learn and gain from Sacred Woman and try to keep it in the back of your book or journal.

Week Two: pg. 21-42: The Sacred Womb: Set out a block of time to create your self a realistic schedule that you can at least stick to for at least one week if not long term.

Week Three: pg. 43-65: The Spirit of The Womb: This is the week of journaling and positive affirmations. Write, paint, or print positive words, affirmations, quotes, and passages and hang them up in a place that you will see them everyday. Try to do at least 3 of these and hang them up in three different rooms (ie. Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom).

Week Four: pg. 66-93: The Care of The Womb Part I: Create a food journal and try to stick to a healthy diet that fits your expectations, lifestyle and capabilities.

Week Five: pg. 94-120: The Care of The Womb Part II: Set out a period of time, at least fifteen minutes a day to sit and listen. Meditate and reflect with yourself. Use this week to dig deeper into a cleansing diet and try to purge as many unhealthy foods in your diet as possible.

Week Six: pg. 121-139: Commitment: Tap into your creativity and make yourself a personal size “Freedom Shawl”. This can be in the form of a robe, quilt, or wall-hanging. If you are not into sewing purchase a robe that you love in which you can also embellish to add character.

Week Seven: pg. 140-156: Gateway 1: Sacred Words: Recite your favorite affirmation/quote daily to physically affirm your power and positive state of mind.

Week Eight: pg. 157-180: Gateway 2: Sacred Foods: In The Kitchen! This week plan out your menu that is filled with new ingredients and products and create healthy dishes for your daily meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Week Nine: pg. 181-212: Gateway 3: Sacred Movement: Enjoy the process of movement and give thanks for it. Exercise, Dance, and Play! Do yoga, especially if you have never tried it before...your body and spirit will love it all.

Week Ten: pg. 213-243: Gateway 4: Sacred Beauty: Pamper you body this week! Explore your beauty, clay masks, and natural beauty regimens. Create/buy at least one creative or new piece of garment to adorn your beauty with. We will also explore the art of waist-beads in preparation for the completion of “The Sacred Woman Book”!

Week Eleven: pg. 244-290: Gateways 5 & 6: Sacred Space: Spend this week beautifying and cleansing your home. Make it a peaceful, clutter-free and beautiful to the eye space to live fully in!

Week Twelve: pg. 291-317: Gateway 7: Relationships: Confront your issues and obstacles that you might have with your family and evaluate and reflect upon all of the responsibilities that you now hold, and make a list of what you like and what you do not like.

Week Thirteen: pg. 318-353: Gateway 8; Sacred Union: Evaluate your love. Spend some quiet time with your mate, do something special, and enjoy your union. If you are single, use this time to love yourself by surrounding yourself with those who you feel offer you pure love.

Week Fourteen: pg. 354-381: Gateway 9: Sacred Lotus: Completion! Project to be announced!


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