Saturday, August 16, 2008

i wish more people would read and comment on my blog

i loooove blogging and writting about my life and would looove to have some comments. but i dont know how to promote my blog more. get it in places. what has anyone eles done to get people to read thier blogs and post comments....right, i'm saying this like someone is ACTUALLU going to read my blog and comment. lol
i read other people's blog and i see all the comments and really get envious of that.i wonder how they do it.


yummy411 said...

hi! i usually comment and invite ppl over to visit my blog =) it's helped so far!

MyLoveMyLife said...

thank u. will do

MsPuddin said...

I take it you re new? Girl look at some of my first posts, it was horrible I felt like I was talking to myself. But get out there, find blogs you enjoy, comment and eventually you will build a readership. it wont happen over night, but its possible. In the meantime, let this be your therapy and dont think so much about all the technical stuff.

hope that helps