Monday, August 4, 2008

more questions

What advice would you give to mothers about being a new mother ?

That EVERYTHING gets better . Your body will adjust to breastfeeding and breaking ur sleep. To snap many pictures and cherish every part of ur child with u. Time flys and before u know they are gone away from u. Prayer and spirituality is key and necessary to everything u do with them.

How do you nurture your spirit, your health, your mind, and your beauty...any favorite regimens/rituals, products, etc.?

Spirit/ MInd: I pray, read and write. these are the three things i do to stay centered and calm. just the therapy of keeping a blog and feel so passionatly about a subject that i cant stop writting til my fingers hurt is what gets me through the day. being able to read some sort of spiritual literature to get my mind back on track. and pray and meditate on it.
Health: i am currently working on increasing my water intake. especially since i am breastfeeding. it is essentially that breastfeeding mother drink enough water and fresh juices. i am not too worried right now with loosing my baby weight. i am too focused on the baby and not myself. i love breastfeeding her and i need those extra calories in my diet to ensure that she gets all she needs. i am enjoying eatting all the good veggies and frut. i never really have been so adiment about it as i have now that i have her.
i go to this store here in Baltimore called EVERYONE'S PLACE to find books and tea. its a wonderful place.

How do you feel about your journey in life thus far and do you think that you would change anything in the past if you could?

Yes there are things that i wuld go back and do differently simply because now i have grown and matured and it would help me to get through it better. these past couple of years have been trialsome. but everything i have gone through has pretty much because of ME and making bad decisions. But i have recently made the consciece effort to live more holistically. this is where i see myself walking now with my daughter. to mesh my spiritual self with my physical self. through my diet, personality changes, mind set changes, reading material, going back to school. ect.

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