Monday, July 28, 2008

this weekend: 7/28

this weekend was tiring! poots and i went to the district convention. i was not as uncomfortable as i thought i'd be. it wqas nice. about cultivating the nine fruitages of the spirit. Galatians 6:1-5. i asked my mom if i broke up with devin and got reinstated would i be able to move back in with her to go to school. then i would move out. devin and i were talking about it last night. he said if we broke up he would just move back in with his parents, and move to PA when they go. i asked when he would see poots. he said on the weekend he would come down. that hurt. the crazy part about it is that i wasnt upset we were planning our breakup. the only hurtful thing about it all was how this would effect poots. i love her. i dont know what to suffer because of this. so anyway we continued talking. i love him also, and dont want to be without him. we have our problems but everyone does right? he said that when we argue i only focus on the bad. i never remeber how much we do have in common, and how much we love one another and our good times. he's right.

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