Thursday, July 24, 2008

and on and on with this shit again : he said

"i persoanlly dont see anything wrong with it, but if it bothers u i wont do i anymore." ok, thats only half ok. the fact that he will stop taking number from people is good and i thank him for that but the fact that he doesnt see anything wrong with it is what gets me. then on top of that he says "u only dont want me to talk to girl because u have a double standard and u think i will cheat. and thats not fair" my double standard that my best friend is someone that i used to be in love with. we talk daily. he uses that as leverage to talk to who he wants. i think how i feel is wrong, but i dont want to feel it is. lol. he sayd "how is it different that u get to talk toher every night, yet u got mad at me for having friends. you were in LOVE with her. now, had it been anything lower then that, i would be a lot more understanding, as a matter of fact i wouldnt have a leg to stand on, and we wouldnt be having this conversation." i do feel its different for him then me. i feel like i dont want him having and aquiring new female freinds. i get mad about it. its like he uses the fact that i am bi and have female friends and a way to even things

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