Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired

Think i'll focuse this blog on myself and my deteriorating mental health. I am sooo sick of feeling nauseated and HUNGRY. I am also so sick of being too tired to do anything other then sleep. I could scream if i have to look at that house another day. I want to be out of it. This weekend was a drab one for me. I was able to get some cooking and cleaning done though. Thats always a plus. When i got to the living room room, however, i was too tired and queezy to finnish anything. I am beginning to feel terribly depressed at always feeling sick. I hope this feeling ( depressed) doesnt last too long. I wouldnt want it to effect my baby. I'm trying to force myself to feel happy, but it doesnt work. I am happy that i am pregnant, but not happy i feel so sick all the time. I tried to focuse this blog on myself thinking that it would be more theraputic, but i want o talk about my baby now. lol. I am happy that i have this little life growing inside of me. That is were i am drawing most of my joy and happiness from to keep afloat and to get up to go to work daily and not loose my mind. i think about my baby and i pray on it. i rub my belly , hoping that my baby can feel the warmth of my touch. Hoping that my baby can sense that i would NEVER EVER feel disappointment or depression with him/ her or as a result of him/ her. That i love him/ her with all i have and not to feel sad if mommy is sad.

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