Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nothing Really New

Finally my ultrasound was sent to the dr's office. I may switch dr's before i go see this OB/GYN she seems to be TOO BUSY for me. For some that may be a good thing ( and it is a good sign of a good practice) but i dont want to have to wait a month and a half if i need to be seen. I have concerns about my pregnancy and i REALLY want to get into the dr's office with the quickness. lol. I wish i could go weekly, or every other week. Which i'm sure is WAY to much but yall know how much of a worry wart i am. Devin came by last night. We had fun, it was a good visit i am happy to say. This week I have been hella emotional, and crying over EVERY little thing. I cant to get my car this weekend and my damn BIC MAC! I have wanting a big mac for the longest. Just not right i tell you, not right.

I wonder what i can do to calm myself down form worrying so much. I'm sure it's no good for the munchkin cake inside of me. lol. i'll ask the dr.

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