Tuesday, August 14, 2007

8/14/07:Another Day In The Life

My life is incredible. I could write a book and really be in the money. I read a mediocore book called "True to the Game". ok, the moral of it overall was good, but the plot and actual story was not so impressive. One of those watch who u trust type "every black author is writting" books. BORING!! So tired. However, I dont have all negative experiences with my literary adventures here lately read a really good book Saturday called "Push". Evidently I am a bit late on this one and everyone but me has read this book. But besides the author literally writting the ENTIRE book how the illiterate main character actually speaks the book was a wonderful read. Two deffinate thumbs way up.

I have actually been wanting to write a book for quite some time. Never reallynew were to start. I'm guessing that once the baby gets here I will have even more to write about. lol. I pray that the two traits mybaby doesnt have of it's father's is that it wont like to read ( he hates reading , which to me is whats wrong with the ENTIRE black race. But thats for another day), and it wont like it's veggies. I try to read aload to it NOW so that i plant those early seeds of the love for literature it's mama has in it. lol.

Yesturday Devin and I were together. It went surprisingly well. I was happyand not annoyed. hmmm. Today i am looking forward to getting a big mac from McDonalds and pigging out TOTALLY on that. mmmmm. I can taste it already. Baby likes big Macs. lol

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