Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tryying to Go Back Back To Scool

i have been kicking ass lately with trying to go back to school. my MAIN goal right now is to find a second job AT ALL COST to pay for tuition for the next two years. its not too expensive and i can pay for it out of pocket if i work hard. plus my job offers tuition reimbersment.but i was thinking today about how things used to be. and how when i was younger i FOOLISHLY sqwandered my oportunities away. not seeing the value in them. i mean, my mother was willing to pay for me to go to school full time. i could have had an education paid in full, ect..but i waisted it. and now i have to break my ass to pay for my own tuition because i made STUPID decisionds. i just hope that if there are any young people that read my blog. my advice to you is to LISTEN to to your parents. if they want you to go to scholl LISTEN and GO. do it while you are young and free. child free, financially able to. because life is HARD without school and a education and you dont want to live your life from check to check, or struggling or working two jobs for the rest of your life. you want to be able to do what you like comfortably, and take days off to vacaction with your family. thats what life is all about spending time with your family and serving god.

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