Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MY 400th POST!!!!!! This One's Gotta Be Good

i cant believe that this is my 4400th post. wow! you guys have seen my document everything in my life pretty much. from discovering i was pregnant, my engament, and wedding plans, and now my spiritual journey. sharing with my annanymous readers (whomever they may be) is one of the few (and might i add VERY FEW) pleasures i get in life. i dont know why but there is something so theraputice about just WRITTING. and keeping it real with all of you. i mean, i would never just PUT ALL MY BUSINESS in the cyber street but i enjoy talking about the ways that i get by in life as a new mom, student, christian, lover, wife, ect. evevn when i fall short and i know i am wrong, i still write. when there are things in my life i KNOW i need to change i still write. just to let other women know that if they are going through the same things they are not alone. and eventually we will all get through it. so IF there are any readers, THANK YOU. for following me and for loving me. i love you too.

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