Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Well We're All Moved In

And i had written a really long blog on my sidekick but it didnt post for some reason and becasue of that i got really discouraged and therefore havnt made any updates. i will just highlight the important parts. soooooo much has been going on. on friday i was finally done with packing for the most part.and saturday we moved in. poots has been sick with a cold these past few days and she had a temp a couple days ago. we had to take her to the er yesturday morning because i called her dr because of her cold. she sneezed and boogies came up with blood in it. that concerned me so i called the dr. but while the dr. was on the phone she could hear poots in the backgroud coughing really hard and said that i need to take her to the emergency room because she is coughing too hard. so we did that and we stayed there allll day. the dr in the er said that her cold gave her a ear infection and this cold COULD be the beginnings of asthma for her. (devin has it) so they gave me a baby asthma inhailer for her and did some traetments with this misty medicine. aughhhh it was just a really stressfull past couple days. i have hated it. but the move is over so i can concentrate on her now.

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