Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Today: 11/3 Moving News

today i was able to get quit a bit done far as packing is concerned. what made it easier id that we decided to throw EVERYTHINg away that we do not currently wear and to just start all over again when we get into the new house. that made the load sooooo much easier. less clothse and crap to deal with. i just packed three big bags of clothse. and i have two big bens from Walmart that i will use to put more clothse in. once those two are full of clothse i am throwing the rest away. that will be soo much off my mind. i got the keys for the new apartment today. in the morning i will drop my first car load off. i plan on taking the little things one car load at a time until saturday. which is the big move day. speaking of cars. i hate this tiny as rental. it has noooooo trunk space or anything like that. i wonder when my car will be ready. yes, it still isnt fixed yet from like two mos ago when that dumb ass lady hit it. and my insurance company is trying to say that the accident didnt cause my gear box not to work and not to shift. i am sooo mad. i had just pulled into my parking spot 10 minutes b4 it was hit. and it was PARKED, i wasnt in it. how can ANYTHING possibly be my fault?? this world is soo sooo stank and i hate it. what the fuck is the point in paying 200 dollars for insurnce a month if when the shit gets hit you still can get it fixed. i hate this world. full of nothing but crooks and fools. i'm mad because i still have to pay that truck off rather i have it or not, rather it's fixed or not. i wonder where the bus stop and all is at my new house. i hope i only have to take one. like i did in my old apartment. that worked out great cause for a while i didnt have a car and the bus stop was a ten minute walk away. well, in this apartment we live a lil closer to the hospital. not much but it's better.

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