Friday, December 12, 2008

So I Dont Understand

How is it that MY vehicle was parked and hit and yet i am the one with a family and on the bus stop in the cold rain at nine o clock at night waiting on the 44 bus, which runs like shit might i add. i am now sick. i am sooo mad. this shit is soooo fuckin unfair. what if my baby has a asthma attack? how am i supposed to get groceries? i hate this shit. so unfair. but i bet that wench that hit me has her car, she prolly riding around right now. but i'm the one on the bus stop til who knows when. but i told myself earlier this week that i aim not going to cry. i am not going to cry. i will be strong. i have yet to cry about my situation. that i am still paying money for a car that i do not have, that i dont have a car due to something that is not my fault. i am calling everyone in this situation tommorrow and cussin some mother fuckers out!

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One Eighteen said...

I feel you. Sucks to be the one to pay for other people's mistakes. Only comfort I can offer is that karma WILL come back and bite whoever fucked your shit up in the ass. And its gon happen soon. You however got something good comin. And its probably on its way already. Believe THAT baby!