Saturday, December 20, 2008

He didnt get his pay check...but check how i handled myself

i am so proud of how i handled myself and that i didnt allow myself to get angry and all worked up. so devin was supposed to get payed this weekend and well he didnt. nobody communicated anything with him and he didnt ask any questions. now, i still get mad when i think about it so i wont get into the details because i dont want to disrespect him on the world wide web. but what i proud of is how i delt with it. understand i was looking farward to that money because i had things to do. i wanna get my hair done, pay some bills ect. and the the fact that he didnt ASK about it irritated me even more and how noncelant he is about the whole matter. but i kept my cool. i remained calm for MY OWN peace and health. personal growth is great.

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