Tuesday, September 16, 2008


She's been sticking her tongue out all day! it was so funny! just hilarious! lmaooooo. Good laughs!

mmmm,,,however..i think she's starting with this seperation anxiety thing. i dont know for sure. i have to look it up. but for the past week or so she's been in this mood. like she ONLY wants me. and if someone eles is holding her she cries and reaches for me. i mean its gotten to the point where i can hardly put her down to strap her in her car seat. i mean....dont get me wrong, i like it but i dont want ANYONE ELES to get offended. lmaooo. Thats my girlllll so i'd hold her all day and night if thats what she wants. as a matter of a fact i saw a new carrier for her. the one she has she's grown out of recently. well, TWO new carriers. i dont know which one i want so i think i may get both and just see how she likes them. My only concern with this new side of her is
1. why did it seem to happen so suddenly
2. will i somehow at this point 'spoil" her.
see i am not one to believe it is possible to spoil a infant, but she's getting to be a bit older now and acting like a "real person" (for lack of a better term). and i wonder if this is the point where i need to be a lil more firm with her. not letting her have everything she wants. i have to read a lil more info on it and talk with her dr.

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