Wednesday, September 3, 2008

mmmm...I am in the mood for

-A ceasar salad (but without that white cheese) and lots of dressing
-a steak and baked potatoe
-pancakes with apple crisp topping from IHOP

And guess what? Im going to get it. And eat it all at once! And whatever I don't finnish I'm just gonna eat over the weekend. Idk why but I am craving bits of all of this at once. I feel so greedy. Lmaoooo. And I promise not to throw any of it away.


tgurl2k3 said...

first of all, i must start off by saying that poots is absolutely gorgeous! this is my first time on your website..loved it...let me also say that u know what's best for your baby, men cheat for various reasons & the big booty fiery women get cheated on 2, and i will join u for the caesar & steak any day...the steak better be rib eye though! lol!
stay blessed

MyLoveMyLife said...

Lmaooo...thank u! She is getting big. And I didn't even get my steak n salad. Instead devin took me to this place called 5 guys and i got a BIG burger and a salad. It was scrumptious!