Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just Me Thinking n Writting

I was thinking this weekend about my Poots. I snaped a picture of her and i and looked at it. long and hard. i thought "mmm..i look and feel the exact same way as i have my whole life with the exception of having my poots." i look and see the same ol' Ki.i loook at her and think i dont deserve HER, her love. that she deserves so much more then just lil ol' me. she deserves some sort of super human, perfect mom. but i know i cant be perfect. so i concluded that i know i could never be perfect. but i will wake up praying every morning that i strive to be a better mother everyday. a better women everyday. because no matter what she gives me her love, her "round face" smiles and happiness to me.

this weekend was interesting, well first off i took a few days off of work because devin came down with Bronchitis and a flair up of his asthma. which aparently hasnt bothered him since he was a little boy. that was pretty stressful. but it was good because we got to take a few days off wirk together. but i'm back in this bitch now! i'm proud of him because he has a interview this week (tuesday). i hope everything works outs far as it is concerned. he will be able to have health insurance, and ect. and making about double what he is now! we went shopping for a new "interview outfit " for him today. his uncle Bret treated him to it. he said to me " my uncle bret supports me way more then my dad does. like my dad wouldnt have bought me these clothse ect" and i'm thinking thats cause ur people r weird.

this weekend was mrs. paula's bday. she had a party at her house. it was nice. i dont know why but i feel so uncomfortable around his family most of the time. mmm..its weird. like i cant just let go and be myself. i feel extreamly uptight. well, not everyone. just certain ones.

u know what i"m going to start doing? when i think of stuff i want to blog about i am going to write down little word clues in a book or something. because this is annoying. all this weekend i kept thinking of stuff i wanted to write about and now i cant think of anything i wanted to say.

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