Sunday, March 29, 2009

I was Sick This Past Week

i had some sort of crazy cold. with a temperature that was super high so i was unable to write. but i feel sooooo much better, not 100% , but better then earlier this week. i still have a cough, tired and weak, and my apetite is still not good. but its all returning. cant wait to feel 100% better. i gave poots my cold too, by a accident. but its not as bad as before.
On top of ALL OF THAT, i started my cycle. WTF!! It hurttt soooo baaad!!! i havnt had it since before i had poots. which was almost 2 years ago. i dont know what made it come all of a sudden. i was nervouse. and i went to the er. but there was nothing to it. no emergency, no WW III , just my cycle. i wish it would go away. i was damn near lost in the store trying to shop for tampons n shit. and guess what?? got the WRONG ones. lol. GO AWAY!! TERRIBLE CURSE of womenhood!!

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