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FASHION: jewelry i love. Im IN LOVE!!

THis jewelry MEANS something. it is sooo beautiful, and the meanings of the healing stones used to create these master pieces are breath taking. i want to get me a few pieces. i think they will my spirit to calm down. for me to be calmer and repell some of this negative energy in my life.

The crystal Xi.N.Tist Part one

This is the non-commercial release of Crystal sciences for

Non-commercial because, those souls that are truly about the science (Xi.Nse) will find reason to understand and pay attention to the WAY these things are written, while others will be “dumfounded” therefore needing more “training wheels”, ie. Other crystal sites online, WHICH I ENTHUSE YOU TO STUDY. Personally, I like the book,LOVE IS IN THE EARTH BY MELODY. She has incredibly fruitful insights about crystal-conscious-emotional development.


Well..right now the human body is a form of CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY.

Understand that?
The crystalline manifestation of universal matter, (ie. Clay, Dust, Gasses, Water, Bacteria, etc.)

to be a shell for…
“THE BREATH OF GOD” (assuming that everyone reading this is breathing)

I’ll try to take my time here…

The human body is made up from all forms of matter found in this planet.**
All natural stones and crystals can be broken down to ELEMENTS found in what we call MINERALS and VITAMINS, which are LIVING FORCES assisting LIFE.
These things VIBRATE. VIBRATION is what makes the difference between how hard or soft a stone or crystal is, and various “hardness” creates different TONES.***

TONE like MUSCLES, TONES like colors, TONES like SOUNDS…all of these things create MOODS…****


Ever heard ya momma say “You’d better not keep that TONE with me!?!”

She was referring to the WAY you communicate and the SOUND-ENERGY you give off.

Stones and metals vibrate and make subtle sounds that your cells can hear.
Skin cells absorb light and vibrational qualities of all material influences, FACT.

How do we know this to be true?
Seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, and touching are all felt in the skin to some degree…
(all experiences translate into the 5 senses on some level)

So u feel me? If not, read it again.

And realize how SENSITIVE you really are.

The vibration of a STONE or CRYSTAL is its TONE, crystals are being used as a tool for ATTUNEMENT and ATONEMENT.****

**(SOME PEOPLE may even have ELEMENTS in their bodies that do not ORIGINATE from this planet)
***ref. -S.Tones
****ref. –MU, “Mooo”
*****?Who is ATON


Agate is a protective stone. It promotes self-confidence, intelligence, strength, harmony, and healing.

Promotes good luck, success, healing, and creativity. Amazonite allows the user to experience joy and kindness.

Promotes warmth, healing, sensuality, love, and success. Amber aids the in purifying the body.

Has the power to purify the mental, spiritual, and physical being. Amethyst promotes enlightenment and has the power to connect the user with his/her angelic guides. The stone is excellent for divination. It can be used to transform negativity energy.

Promotes intelligence, courage, calmness, and peace. Aquamarine is a great stone for mediation and psychic awareness.

Promotes health, mental clarity, tranquility, well-being, and banishes fears. The stone is good for sleep and blood disorders.

Good for meditation, connecting with higher self, and healing.

Promotes grounding, courage, intelligence, prosperity, and clarity. Bloodstone aids the circulatory and endocrine system.

Promotes self-confidence, creativity, and courage. It is good for abdomen health, menstrual cramps, and the skin.

Clear Quartz
It is the mother gem. It draws out negativity, pain, and disease. It is good for convulsions, diarrhea, dizziness, pain, hemorrhages, and heaes.

Cleanses the body and tissues. It aids digestive health, circulatory and urinary system. It promotes optimism, and self confidence. The stone is also good for business.

Promotes sensuality, love, passion, and self confidence. It also protects the user from evil and negativity.

Promotes calmness, grounding, and stabilization. The stone is aloes good for healing and divination.

Assists with anger, stress, and worry. Howlite decreases selfishness, stress, pain, and offensiveness. Howlite also promotes bone and teeth health.

A soothing and calming stone. Infinite aids healers and those in dire need of healing. The stone draws out pain and negativity.

Promotes harmony, love, balance, and wisdom. This stones aids healing after physical, mental, or spiritual trauma.

Calms, nurtures, and protects. Jasper strengthens the liver, stomach, and gall bladder. Jasper also assists in astral travel.

Lapis Lazuli
Is good for friendship, protection, intuition, and creativity. Lapis Lazuli can connect the user with soul mates, and spiritual guardians, and higher self.

Brings forth clarity and cleanses and protects the user from negativity. Malachite promotes, love, wealth, healing, and health.

Aids innutrition and protects woman during pregnancy and childbirth. Moonstone is calming and promotes love.

Is good for grounding. Obsidian releases stress, anger, and negative behaviors. It promotes stomach, intestine, and liver health.

Onyx Protects the users aura (energy field).Onyx provides grounding, relieves stress, and creates balance.

Promotes, healing, abundance, harmony, and reduces stress. Peridot is good for the digestive system.

Pyrite promotes intellect, creativity, wealth, and balance. It aids in protection and grounding. The stone is helpful to the circulatory system.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz heals wounded hearts. It promotes self love and aids in the ability to receive and attract love. Rose quartz provides happiness, lowers stress, and calms. The stone is good for the reproductive system and heart. It can also aid in relieving depression, headaches, circulatory problems, and addictions.

Aids with mental clarity, concentration, will–power, and spiritual guidance.

Promotes intellect, peace, wisdom, and healing.

Assists with love and protection. Unakite is an excellent stone for mother-to-be.

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