Sunday, November 29, 2009


this is a video of poots RUNNING through the family at the thanksgiving party. lol. thats all she does these days is RUN. i had to hold her the majority of the time, cause i didnt want her to fall. shes the youngest out of all her cousins. but she thinks shes a big girl. i felt sorry for her cause all she wanted to do was run with her cousins and the big kids but i wouldnt let her too much cause i didnt want her to fall and hurt herself. *sigh* i KNOW falling and running are all a part of chlidhood and growing up....but NOT YET!!!
this is poots and her best friend Ryan Kylie. They are sooo adorable together! they sit on the bottom step (usually) and smooth thier shirts out and hold hands looool.Ryand runs up to Poots and says "Hi best friend!! best friend?!?!" lmaooo Poots Meet and Greet with a lot a family she hadnt seen before. oh...and me. lol Poots her grandma and her aunt Aerica Poots and her granddad i love thier relationship. she REALLLY loves him Family hugs and love

This is a video AGAIN of poots RUNNING when she was about to be DEDICATED. a dedication is simply put, a prayer covering over a baby and his/her life. For blessing, success and protection. and a Dedication back to god. in the bible when Hannah prayed for her son Samuel, when he was born, she dedicated him back to god, hence vowing to raise him serving his heavenly father as best possible. this made me REALLY start to think about my relationship with god and where i have been lately. i mean its serious, because not only is my life effected by this but poots is too. i need to do more with her spiritually. get my feet on solid ground SOMEWHERE and DO IT.

poots trynna get juice out the box with out the straw. there was NO MORE Juice in the box! but she was DETERMINED to get SOMETHING out of it . lmaooooo. heyyyyy if it makes her happy y not

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