Monday, May 31, 2010

Things Im TOTALLY Into Right Now

For whatever reason i felt the compulsive need to write a composite list of EVERYTHING i love doing right now in my fun reading...Maybe ull start to enjoy some of the same things i like these days. :
1. taking long evening walks through the nieghborhood with poots. I bought a SMALLER stroller that i JUST love for 15.00 from Walmart the other week. Its sooooo convient and cool. she LOVES it and sometimes fall asleep in the thing. PLus i am able to get in more excercise.
2. Exercising. I TOTALLY enjoy walking, running, biking, and abs exercises. I have decided to go to the gym in the mornings when i get off work just before i go home. from 7-7:45 or 8am. Its sooo energizing. It relieves my stress, depression, irritation. WONDERFUL!!! i plan on exercising EVERYDAY for one month...uh...i would post my progress but that would mean i would have to show my "baby belly". Although its not rediculously FAT...i have a plethera of extra skin that im sure will never go i aint showin. looool. Maybe ill find a different way to show u, by covering up somehow. idk...we'll see.
3. Going to the Library. i swear i want to read every book in there. I feel like yea...extra schooling is important and college is DEFFINATLY somethingi will complete in my lifetime...but until then i will enjoy every free book BCPL has to offer. I love taking poots there and getting all the learning dvd's we can carry. i LOVE reading to her...i love taking all the little panth;ets that talk about local even ect...the smell of the books...ok ill stop right here. loool
4. Juicing. I have sooo many juice combinations i CANT wait to try out. i plan on buying my own juicer at the end of the month if money isnt too tight. YEAAA
5. Aveeno Lotion: is the BEST THING EVER for my skin! OMG!!! i remember i used to use this stuff BEFORE my ecxema got so bad, back when i was younger and it wasnt so bad. But Aveeno has REALLY helped my skin not to be so dry. i LOVE it. plus it doesnt break me out like Shea Butter does...but i STILL rep the shea butter for my hair! WHICH by the way is GROWING GROWING GROWING!! i can TOTALLY keep better trck of my growth with the sides shaved.
6. PLants and Flowers. i have recently fallen IN LOVE with flowers and TALL tree like plants. i LOVE them. so beautiful and refreshing to look at not to mention how good they are for your air indoors. i have quite a few now. plan on collecting more. if its ok with the hubby. he doesnt like plants. loool
7.Vegetarianism. i do pretty good with this when i am home..but when i go out or when im eatting at someone eles house i get VERY off track. i REALLY need to nip this in the bud cause there are SOOO many options out there, vegetarians TOTALLY arent limited in there food. it just takes self control
8.Crocheting: i want to make my own line of crochet accesories and go into business for myself as a non profit organization to help women with cancer, and homeless women
so i think thats it, my lovlies..i wish i could find someone who shared in these likes that lived close to me that i could befriend and we be all juicin, vege, exercising....wait...i TOATLLY have a friend like cousin. imma have to call her and we hook up on this. she TOTALLY my inspiration and a cool cat.

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