Monday, May 17, 2010


that my mom is natural!!! i had no idea that for the last two years she hasnt gotten a perm. that is sooo cool. if i could just convince her to cut the permed ends off and wear it natural, we'd be in the money. she still has the mentality that her natural hair isnt good enough so she covers it over with weaves ect. what the point of being natral if you dont go along with the transitio mentally. and upgrae your thinking to the fact that natural hair is beautiful no matter what. but 75% of the matter is taken care of by the fact that she has stopped perming. loool. THIS Is just one more example of y i wish my mom and i could be close and have a close relationship. we could SOOOO bond over natural hair talk and products and styles. poots would have wonderful examples of two great women in her life (mom and grandma) being natural. all i can do is pray about it

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