Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Writting

Well, i am starting my new members classes for Set The Captives Free church. i havnt told my mom i am waiting for the proper time. i am pretty sure haters cant wait to inform her about my religious preference. thats just how JW's do..snitch. loool. but i have no hard feelings toward them, they are Christians.
Keeping Poots more lately has been fun and enjoyable. we have fun during the day together. we eat vegetarian meals, and play school, and take naps. looool. shes the best!! i am KINDDA looking foward to going on vacation with my in-laws. i say KINDDA cause on one had im not liking the fact that we will be so strapped for cash, and i have no bathing suite. on top of that i have to be around mr. quentin (devin's dad) and while i dont DISLIKE him, he irritates me. he's a "know it all", and i CANT STAND know it alls. but i am looking forward to it, because i will be with ms. paula (devin's mom) i LOVE and ADORE her. for my birthday she bought me a new book! she is DEVINE!! i like talking to her and spending time with her. when i talk to her i feel refreshed, unlike most other people in my life. loool.
This weekend was my birthday (may15th) and devin and i had a BALL together!! as we usually do. when i am not stressed out we are the best of friends, we get along perfectly and i enjoy myself with him. he's my rock.
i feel so cloudy for some reason, like, not clear mentally. idk if i am just extreamly tired or, exactly what it is, maybe i need to exercise? devin and i are going to get bicycles. im excited about that becaus i figure during the summer months i could ride my bike to and from work, and cut down on gas and my carbon footprint. im trying to live and eat more "green". loool. i have DRAMATICALLY cut down on my meat consumption. eatting more veggies, ect. as a matter of a fact today i used a friend of mine's juicer and juiced some veggies. Im going to start using that more.

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