Friday, October 9, 2009


maybe im just having a bad day , maybe i have some deep seeded issues that really need resolving. be that as it may (i have always wanted to say that phrase lol) i have a chip on my shoulders and i need to get it off. im going to talk about men. and how i feel about them. this is my feeling towrds the general male population. NOT everyperson i realize. my uncles and my pop pop are WONDERFUL men. tell you what i wish i could marry one. lol. just based off of the way i have observed them treat the women in my family.
Men these days as a WHOLE arent MEN! i mean they arent THE : STRONG, MATURE, PROTECTIVE, ASSERTIVE, AGRESSIVE, PROVIDERS that they used to be and i feel are needed. needed to be paired with : HUMBLE, RESPECTFUL, CHASTE, BEAUTIFUL women. and it pisses me off! it really does! what has happened to respecting the women? opening the door for her, telling her she is beautiful ( however she may have her hair), being tactful with words because women are more emotional and lil more sensitive. and even if we WERENT but speaking KIND LOVING GENTLE words because YOU SHOULD. Protecting your women and family AT ALL COST! if she has to stand on the bus stop YOU ARE RIGHT THERE WALKING HER TO IT, AND STANDING with her. watching her to her car late at night. no matter how cold it may be outside. men wimper away and CANT DEAL with it when a women is PMS'ing and fussy or crys. they LITERALLY LEAVE HER. thats such a punk ass move! MAN UP! the bible says that as a women i am the WEAKER vessel. created as a compliment and a assistant to the man. if a MAN can deal with a women and we are naturally the WEAKER VESSEL there is something wrong with him. BE STRONG, BE A MAN. TAKE CONTROL of the situation and calm her down. do things that make her feel lovely. YES we may fuss, BUT MUTHA FUCKA DEAL. and when the feeling passes, she'll remember how u helped her. RESPECT HER: dont talk to other women negativly about your women. dont talk to other women PERIOD! women have a place biblically to be a man's follower. but men need to TAKE THE LEAD and not ABUSE it by the way. if you lead men as a christian MAN, i promise you i will follow u to the ends of the earth and back and be the best companion a man could ask for. but its hard to do when men are being punk ass' and jerks!
IT PISSES ME OFF THE POWER MEN HAVE! to make us feel like shit while they lolly gaggin around happy as a fuckin lark. they have a way of taking THIER wrongs and twisting it around to be our fault! men feel they have the power to do what they want when they want! and we take it! they shit on us and WE sad wondering whatwrong with US. if they want your body, they have the power and the strength to rape a women. WHAT FUCKIN RIGHT!!! 9 times outta 10 when you hear of a rape case its a MAN raping a WOMEN.RARELY a WOMEN raping a MAN. WHY?? because we dont have the power, our minds dont go thier. a man's mind is alllllways on sex n lust. get on my fuckin nerves. men tell us we arent beautiful enough and we believe the shit. we perm our hair because we are told BY MEN and SOCIETY that the way our hair grows outts our head is not good enough."i like straight hair better" and theres nothing wrong with having a PREFERNCE but it takes on a whole new meaning when a women is told she is PRETTIER because she has straight hair. or the women with the permed hair is PRETTIER because her hair is straight.we,alter our bodies ect to suite THIER taste! for fear if we dont they will leave or we'll be alone.we feel bad about ourselves. work ourselves to the fuckin BONE to look PERFECT for THEM. when if they let themselves go its ok. nothing is said! they dont get thier feelings hurt. but us? our hair, skin, nails, clothse gotta be perfect or eles something is said and we feel bad. AND FOR WHAT?? so they have something to look at to lust over and then rape. FUCK YOU! DONT SAY SHIT TO ME! im pissed off. this blog prolly makes no sense and i prolly sound real crazy and lauraina but its nothing like that. i just see the wrongs that women deal with EVERYDAY. the shit MEN put us through. when we should be HONORED, LOVED and respected. and i DO know there are some women who are catty n shaddy. but there are others, sweet women, who would give thier ALL for a GOOD man. i feel if men were to step up and treat us better we wouldnt have to act the way we do. and i believe that a women has a place in society BUT its the DISRESPECT That comes along with it these days that REALLY PISS ME OFF. and makes me WANT TO challenge men!

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