Wednesday, February 25, 2009


i cant belive that she is almost one years old. i think back to a year ago, and i marvel at how she has grown. and what she can do now. i think about the future, and how she WILL grow. i think about the person she was 12 mos ago, and how helpless she was, to this dynamic fire that she is today. i almost cry when i think of what she could become. What she WILL become. and i want to make sure that i am doing EVERYTHING in my POWER to encourage her to be HER. To do what she wants, to fight for who she is. to not give a damn about people, what they say, what they think. How do i raise THAT type or person. a person not afraid of, and will take part in, hell START a revolution. somene who cannot be shut up, or shut down. someone not afraid to die for her cause. not for popularity, but for self fulfillment as a human being. i want her accept every part of who she is. and while she doesnt have to scream and shout it, simutaniously unafraid to show it. i want to more importantly then HAVE everything i didnt, BE everything i am not. i want her to be stronger then i ever could be. HOW do i do that?? what does it tak of me?

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