Sunday, February 22, 2009

1940's Inspiration.

So i Believe that i will begin a series here on my blog called 1940's inspiration. and pretty much it will just be me trying new hair styles that are inspired by that of the style in the 1940's and pin up era. i LOVE this look. So anytime there is the title 1940's Inspiration: it will be something about my hair or it's style.

But here is my first entry:

She is REALLY OLD fashioned looking ( especially them glasses) but i think she is sooooooo CUTE. lool.

So here is my take:

The Top and Sides:

The style is called Victory Rolls. lmaooo. Even the hair style for very WWII patriotic. But i two strand twisted my hair to the side into one big two strand to give the roll effect. i liked it.

African American HAirstyles of the 1940's . VERY interesting link

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