Tuesday, June 3, 2008

a turning point

Well i have decided that i will be going back to the Kingdon Hall on a regular basis. No more fooling around with it. That is where my heart is and where my heart belongs. i just hope that i can look past people's flaws and be forgiving. own up to what i have done and move on with my life. i am feeling more and more like the things that i have done dont matter. whereas b4 i held on to it. i let it consume and take me away from my family and friends. well, no more. i'm moving on and forward. i want to be happy. i know that having religion in my life andspiritual guidence is a contributing factor to me being happy. i want poota to have that happiness to. i have said this b4 but i have observed a lot of young of other people and the voids they have far as religion is concerned and what they believe. They are unsure, they are afraid of a loving god, or afraid to ask questions. i have ALWAYS known what i know is the truth about god is the truth about god. even if i studied other things and tried to think differently. Having poota has really solidified my believe in god and my teachings. I look at this little girl and i feel and know that there HAS to be a god. For someone to be inside of you growing and turning into a human and then COME OUT and it really IS a person. I perfect, beautiful HUAMAN with big eyes that look up at me, and fat lil fingers and toes, and a heart that beats and loves and a smile that is ABSOLUTELY TO DIE FOR. There has to be a god and there is no doubt in my mind about it. so with that being said from now on i will live my life as such. i want to make him happy. i want his blessings and protection of me and my family especially my daughter. i want him to bless what she does. i want her to know about him.

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