Wednesday, June 1, 2011


sooo hard lately, iv been working doubles because i have to get my truck out of the inpound lot. I had some unpaid parking tickets that i didnt know increased in cost as time went on. BLAH!! i am so tired, and sleepy, but im a soldier so i know i can get through this. And actually i could work 16 hour shifts all the time if it werent for me missing Poots so badly. I miss her soooo much during the week when i work like this because all i do is sleep and work. Yesturday when i FIANLLY got in the house she was taking a nap. A NAPP???? she NEVER takes naps. and i wanted to see her so bad. well by the time she woke up i was sleep and when i woke BACK up to go to work she was sleep for the night. i miss her like CRAZY!
Devin finally has a job! im soooo happy to inform you that after 2 years of a drout, he was able to get into a program at a local assisted living home that trained him to be a GNA (gereatric nurse assistant). and they offered him a job when he was done!! Im so proud of him because he's so intelligent. He finnished as oneof the top in his class. As a metter of fact his teacher asked him to speak to his class during thier graduation this Thursday. i love him. I love the fact that during these past two years when opportrunity after opportunity fell through for him his spirits never wavered. He stayed strong and did what he could around the house. He stayed strong for us. and now that he has a good job his dameaner is soooo much more improved. It just goes to show u that men are HARD WIRED to protect and provide for thier family, and when they cant it does someting to them. mind u i said MEN, because thier are some BOYS out there that dont care about protecting and providing for thier families. Its like, its done something to his testosterome. lmaoooo.

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